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Apple reportedly tells suppliers in order to avoid ‘Made in Taiwan’ labels on shipments to China

Apple has reportedly warned Taiwanese suppliers to make sure shipments to China adhere to a longstanding labeling regulation following House Speaker Nancy Pelosis recent stop by at Taipei. In accordance with Nikkei (via The Guardian), the business recently told manufacturers on the island that parts bound for the mainland must list Chinese Taipei or Taiwan, China as their source.

Thats consistent with an insurance plan China has already established in place for a long time but only began enforcing after tensions with the united states flared up following Pelosis visit the other day. Beneath the policy, officials can delay and also reject shipments that say Manufactured in Taiwan. The self-governing island has its group of labeling rules. Shipments must list Taiwan or Republic of China because the point of origin.

Apple didn’t immediately react to Engadgets obtain comment. The tech giant and several other American companies have an elaborate relationship with China. If the report is accurate, it wouldnt function as first-time Apple has sought to appease the Chinese Communist Party. In 2019, the business removed the Taiwan flag emoji from iOS in Hong Kong amid the pro-democracy protests that occurred in the town that year.

In this situation, Apple could have felt it had no choice but to adhere to Chinas policy on Taiwanese shipments. In April, Tim Cook said semiconductor shortages significantly impacted the companys iPad business. Before its iPhone 14 launch later this season, additional delays because of customs dispute may likely be disastrous for Apple.

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