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Aragon GP 2022: Lap by lap visualization

Have a look at our animated timeline visualization of the 2022 Aragon GP at Motorland Aragon, which charts the positioning changes.

Aragon GP 2022: Lap by lap visualization

How KTM failed one of its brightest MotoGP prospects


How KTM failed among its brightest MotoGP prospects

Reigning Moto2 champion Remy Gardners career has been derailed by KTMs decision never to retain him at Tech3 for 2023. Amid difficult circumstances, Gardner hasnt shamed himself. But KTMs apparent reasoning for dropping him raises questions about its handling of its young riders and the unrealistic expectations positioned on them

Why it won't just be Marquez's speed that saves Honda in MotoGP


Why it will not you need to be Marquez’s speed that saves Honda in MotoGP

OPINION: Honda is amid another winless season in the area of 3 years. The lack of the injured Marc Marquez is a major contributing factor, but HRCs inability to improve its approach has seen it slide down the order. Marquez returned to the MotoGP paddock in Austria and provided a rallying cry Honda had a need to hear.

The signs Quartararo’s 2022 MotoGP title is slipping away from him


The signs Quartararos 2022 MotoGP title is slipping from him

Before the summer break, the 2022 MotoGP title appeared as if it had been Fabio Quartararos to reduce. But a collision at Assen and the consequential penalty he previously to serve last weekend at Silverstone stopped him from capitalising on a primary rivals injury woes, while a resurgence from another, in addition to the rise of a former teammate, look set to conspire contrary to the Yamaha rider.

Why Andrea Dovizioso is leaving MotoGP at the right time


Why Andrea Dovizioso is leaving MotoGP at the proper time

On the eve of the British Grand Prix, Andrea Dovizioso announced he will undoubtedly be retiring from MotoGP after Septembers San Marino GP. The timing of his departure raised eyebrows, but his reasoning remains sensible and what has happened this season shouldn’t diminish a hard-built legacy.

Why Alex Rins feels he deserves MotoGP's toughest challenge


Why Alex Rins feels he deserves MotoGP’s toughest challenge

Alex Rins MotoGP future was plunged into sudden doubt when Suzuki elected to give up the series by the end of 2022. Securing a cope with Honda to become listed on LCR, he’ll now tread a path that lots of have fallen faraway from. Nonetheless it was a move he felt his status deserved, and its own challenging he tells – he faces along with his eyes spacious

How Formula 1 has driven MotoGP's changing nature


How Formula 1 has driven MotoGP’s changing nature

The hiring of technicians from Formula 1 has clearly contributed to a recently available change in the MotoGP landscape, with the role of engineers gaining greater significance in accordance with the riders. Here’s how this shift has happen.

The battle Yamaha's wayward son is fighting to be fast again in MotoGP


The battle Yamaha’s wayward son is fighting to be fast again in MotoGP

Franco Morbidelli was long overdue a promotion to factory machinery when it finally came late this past year, having finished runner-up in the 2020 standings on a vintage Yamaha package. But since that time the Italian is a shadow of his former self as he toils to adjust to the 2022 M1, and recognises he must change his style to stop wasting time onto it

Why Honda and Yamaha have been left behind in MotoGP's new era


Why Honda and Yamaha have already been left out in MotoGP’s new era

OPINION: The once all-conquering Japanese manufacturers ‘re going by way of a difficult period in MotoGP this year. With Suzuki quitting, Honda struggling to obtain close to the podium and Yamaha only enjoying success thanks to Fabio Quartararo, Japanese manufacturers have already been left in the dust by their European counterparts. For this reason.

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