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Arcade Fires Win Butler Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Four People, Singer Admits to Encounters But Disputes Accounts

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler has been accused of sexual misconduct by four people, in accordance with an in depth report in Pitchfork. Three women allege that the encounters were inappropriate given the gaps in age, power dynamics, and context where they occurred, while a fourth person, who’s gender-fluid, alleges that Butler sexually assaulted them twice in 2015.

Butler who formed the band in 2001 with Regine Chassagne, now his wife has admitted to the encounters but disputes the accounts, saying by way of a spokesperson they were consensual. Statements from Butler and Chassagne appear below; contacted by Variety on Saturday, a rep for the band said there is no more comment.

The three women, most of whom were ardent Arcade Fire fans, say they found feel [their sexual interactions with Butler] were inappropriate given the gaps in age, power dynamics, and context where they occurred. They state the interactions began if they were between your ages of 18 and 23, and occurred during overlapping periods from 2016 to 2020, when he was between 36 and 39.

The fourth person alleges that Butler sexually assaulted them twice in 2015, if they were 21 and he was 34: Once while these were riding together in an automobile, and again after he allegedly arrived at their apartment despite texts asking him never to achieve this. Pitchfork says it has viewed screenshots of text and Instagram messages between them and Butler, and interviewed relatives and buddies members who said they recalled being told concerning the alleged incidents. The four people all use pseudonyms in the account.

Butler, who responded through crisis public-relations rep Risa Heller, acknowledged having sexual interactions with each one of the four people, but maintained they were consensual, rather than initiated by him. Through Heller, Butler even wanted to put Pitchfork in touch with different women who had consensual sexual experiences with him previously. Detailed accounts of the interactions and Butlers full statement are available on Pitchfork.

His statement reads partly: I really like Rgine with most of my heart. We’ve been together for two decades, she actually is my partner in music and in life, my soulmate and I’m lucky and grateful to possess her by my side. But sometimes, it’s been difficult to balance being the daddy, husband, and bandmate that I desire to be. Today I would like to clear the air about my entire life, poor judgment, and mistakes I’ve made.

I’ve had consensual relationships beyond my marriage.

There is absolutely no easy solution to say this, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done is needing to share this with my son. Nearly all these relationships were temporary, and my partner appreciates our marriage has, previously, been more unconventional than some. I’ve linked to people personally, at shows, and through social media marketing, and I’ve shared messages which I’m not proud. Most of all, every one of the interactions has been mutual and always between consenting adults. It really is deeply revisionist, and frankly just wrong, for anybody to suggest otherwise.

I’ve never touched a female against her will, and any implication that I’ve is merely false. I vehemently deny any suggestion that I forced myself on a female or demanded sexual favors. That simply, and unequivocally, never happened. While these relationships were all consensual, I’m very sorry to anyone who I’ve hurt with my behavior. Life is filled up with tremendous pain and error, and I never desire to be section of causing someone elses pain.

I’ve long struggled with mental medical issues and the ghosts of childhood abuse. In my own 30s, I started drinking when i handled the heaviest depression of my entire life after us experienced a miscarriage. None of the is supposed to excuse my behavior, but I want to give some context and share that which was happening in my own life for this time

I tell you all my friends, family, to anyone I’ve hurt also to individuals who love my music and so are shocked and disappointed by this report: Im sorry. Im sorry for the pain I caused Im sorry I wasnt more aware and tuned into the effect I’ve on people I fucked up, even though no excuse, I’ll continue steadily to look forward and heal so what can be healed, and study from past experiences. I could do better and I’ll do better.

The rep also provided a written statement from Chassagne to get Butlers perspective, which reads completely:

Win is my soulmate, my songwriting partner, my hubby, the daddy of my beautiful boy. He’s got been my partner in life and in music for 20 years. And for all the love inside our lives, I’ve also watched him endure immense pain. I’ve stood by him because I understand he is an excellent man who cares concerning this world, our band, his fans, friends, and us. Ive known Win since before we were famous, whenever we were just ordinary university students. I know what’s in his heart, and I understand he’s got never, and could not, touch a female without her consent and I know he never did. He’s got lost his way and he’s got found his in the past. I really like him and love the life span we’ve created together.

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