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Are Portable Solar Chargers WORTHWHILE?


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Jackery battery and portable solar panels

Harnessing power from sunlight is an excellent solution to recharge gadgets or your smartphone free of charge while youre out camping, going off-grid, or coping with a crisis. However, portable solar power panels arent free and so are not necessarily effective. So, are portable solar chargers worth buying?

A portable solar power is strictly what it appears like. You can have a small group of panels anywhere, aim it at sunlight, and use that capacity to recharge your phone or perhaps a portable battery power.

USB solar chargers certainly are a great option if youre taking a protracted camping trip or alternative activities. Even though Id recommend a portable battery first, those will inevitably go out of juice, not forgetting could be heavy if youre going on a hike.Portable power stations are excellent, too, but theyre a great deal larger and much too heavy for some adventures. Plus, as soon as you utilize it enough, itll go out of battery.

That brings us to portable solar power chargers, which offer you free on-demand power anywhere sunlight shines. While they certainly have limitations and speed constraints, heres what you ought to know, why I own several, and some worth buying.

How SOLAR POWER Chargers Work

solar panel and sunshine
Sophon Nawit/

Before we dive into portable solar power usage scenarios, charging speeds, and what things to buy, we wished to quickly mention how they work.

A portable solar power works basically the same manner as a normal solar power on a roof. Having said that, theyre smaller, likely much less efficient, and when the energy goes straight into a tool, itll be somewhat slow.

Once the sun shines on a solar power, the panel cells absorb energy from the sunlight. That energy quickly creates electric charges that maneuver around the negative and positive electrical fields in the panel cell, letting the power flow right into a storage device or battery.

Think about it like magnetic fields, only electric. In a panel, sunlight gets absorbed, electric charges move, then flow through the electric field and into your smartphone.

Can a Portable SOLAR POWER Charge My Phone?

Anker 515 solar panel charging a phone
Cory Gunther / Review Geek

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Portable solar power panels can simply recharge a smartphone, tablet, or drone, or juice up a portable battery power for use later. However, there exists a slew of different variables youll desire to consider before purchasing one.

To begin with, these only work when theres sunshine, plus some areas get yourself a many more rays than others. So, a portable solar power wont succeed if youre somewhere like Alaska in the wintertime, which doesnt start to see the sun all that much. Locations with an increase of sunshine (and fewer clouds) will benefit probably the most.

In my own Anker 515 portable solar charger review, I had positive results charging a Galaxy S21 Ultra and Pixel smartphone in the blistering sunshine within NEVADA. However, its not powerful enough to recharge a MacBook Pro or larger items. Even though brands sell bigger portable panels, itll be determined by your preferences.

Unfortunately, not absolutely all panels are worth buying, for me. I own several Jackery panels, which work great, but smaller panels from unknown brands arent worthwhile. I have a little portable solar charger roughly how big is a smartphone. Its mostly useless. Thats since it simply doesnt have sufficient solar power material (or property) to really draw enough power from sunlight to create it worth your time and effort.

According to the climate, the Anker 515 can recharge my phone from 0-50% in around 90 minutes roughly, that is terrific for going off-grid or within an emergency. Among those tiny phone-sized panels cant, so keep that at heart.

Dont misunderstand me. A little portable solar power charger can provide you several percent and enable a text or telephone call within an emergency, so that they certainly have benefits. Itll just be determined by your wants and the problem.

Portable and Flexible Power

SOLAR POWER Charging Speeds

Anker 515 solar panel ports
Cory Gunther / Review Geek

Once we said above, how big is the solar power will make an impact in the charging capabilities and speed. For instance, the bigger the watt output, the higher and faster itll charge confirmed product. The Anker 515 is small enough to squeeze in a backpack, nonetheless it can only just draw 24W of power, then shares that power with three different USB ports.

A portable solar power device with a 100W rating can draw a lot more power and likely deliver a faster charge to your phone, tablet, or power station.

We cant offer you a definitive charging speed because this varies by unit, its USB rating, as well as your sunshine and cloud coverage. You can find way too many variables. Having said that, youll want the largest unit designed for your unique application and a panel with USB Type-C or faster output USB ports to find the best experience.

For the Outdoorsy Types

Portable SOLAR POWER Use Cases

Goal zero solar panel while camping

Right now, you need to probably curently have advisable of when or where you can work with a portable solar power. The people small enough for a daypack or backpack are ideal for overnight hikes, camping, or other outdoor adventures. A good relatively small 24W solar power could be enough for a weekend trip, so long as youre not attempting to power big devices.

Based on what youre attempting to power and just how much space you have, portable solar power panels are excellent for camping, hiking, RVs, living the van life, going off-grid, increasing emergency kits, and much more. On the other hand, an RV has space on the top for a far more permanent setup, so keep that at heart.

More Power and Speed

Are Portable Solar Chargers WORTHWHILE?

female hiker using a solar charger
Paul Schlemmer/

So, are portable solar chargers worthwhile, and those in the event you buy? Again, that depends entirely on your own wants, needs, situation, or budget. Having said that, I believe a portable solar charger is completely worthwhile for quick weekend camping trips or going off-grid and is really a wise investment to possess within an emergency.

If youre stuck in an all natural disaster without power for a number of days, having a solar charger could possibly be crucial in charging phones to talk to family members or charging a battery to perform some LED lights during the night.

Someone that really wants to power daily essentials from an RV or campsite might want a big panel, while a hiker will need something lightweight and portable. In any event, there are many excellent options linked throughout for all those interested.

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