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Are the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA 49ers Actually Better off with Jimmy Garoppolo?

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Quarterback Trey Lance and the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA 49ers entered Week 2 of the 2022 season feeling the pressure following a sloppy loss to the Chicago Bears in Week 1 where the franchise’s young signal-caller didn’t play especially well.

If San Francisco’s struggles had continued in the home contrary to the Seattle Seahawks, the grumbles that possibly the team could have been better off with Jimmy Garoppolo under center this year likely could have grown.

Well, the 49ers got the win they needed within an emphatic fashion.However, that win came at a price.

Early in the contest, Lance suffered an ankle injury that ended his season. Now the 49ers will go all of those other way with a quarterback the team spent the majority of the offseason attempting to unload.

And contrary to popular belief, San Francisco’s likelihood of makinganother deep playoff run could be better for this.

After leading the 49ers in rushing attempts (13) and rushing yards (54) in Week 1, Lance told reporters that wasn’t college and he would have to be more cautious while running the ball.

“I’m not bigger, faster and more powerful than pretty mucheveryone else,” Lance said. “Guys catch up considerably quicker, space isfilled, guys close faster, and I must figure out how to protect myself, justbeing in another situation focusing on how important it really is for me personally to stayhealthy.”

Those words would end up being prophetic.

While running with the ball on a zone-read keeper late in the initial quarter, Lance was stood up by Seahawks linebacker Cody Barton. His right leg folded underneath him, and after wanting to get right up it became clear that something was seriously wrong.

Lance was put into an air cast and carted off the field. In his post-game presser, Kyle Shanahan confirmed the worst-case scenario: Lance fractured his ankle and can undergo season-ending surgery.

Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

Kyle Shanahan told reporters that Trey Lance broke his ankle and can undergo season-ending surgery Monday.

It is a brutal end to a season that began with lofty expectations. Week 1 struggles aside, there is no shortage of analysts who expected big things from Lance in 2022. Lance himself told ESPN’s Nick Wagoner prior to the season he was wanting to show the NFL what he is able to do and just how much he’s developed as a new player.

“I’ve had an excellent offseason and training camp,”Lance said. “There’s good and the bad to each day, every rep. So I’mlearning just as much as I are able to. There’s countless areas that I understand I’mgoing to keep to boost on and countless areas that I’ve improved on aswell.”

Now, it’ll be 2023 prior to the quarterback the 49ers mortgaged their future to draft may take the reins under center. For the time being, the team must turn the offense to the guy they drafted Lance to displace.

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After spending a lot of the offseason intimating that Garoppolo’s days in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA were over, the team either couldn’t find sufficient compensation in a trade or had reservations about devoid of insurance behind Lance.

But even with restructuring Garoppolo’s contract to create him back as Lance’s backup, Shanahan said just earlier this week that the Niners might still consider dealing him.

“Exactly like all players, we’ll pay attention to anybody on anything,” Shanahan said to reporters. “That never changes for just about any player or coach. We’ll always pay attention to anybody.”

For his part, Garoppolo said soon after the ink dried on his reworked deal he didn’t be prepared to be back with the 49ers, either.

“[Returning] really wasn’t on my mind, to be completely honest,” Garoppolo told reporters. “I was training out here. I needed to be here, therefore i was here because of this. I was just looking to get my own body right. … I felt very confident on the market, and I knew that I was prepared to roll. I simply need to find out where it had been. And things sort of fell into place these last couple days.”

Now, the move that somespeculated might lead to a quarterback controversy in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA couldinstead save the team’s season.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Garoppolo isn’t the next coming of Joe Montana. Or Steve Young. His numbers contrary to the Seahawks are, in a few ways, a microcosm for his career.

Against Seattle, Garoppolo was good however, not great13 completions in 21 attempts for 154 yards and a touchdown. The 30-year-old added another touchdown on the floor and posted a passer rating of just over 100.

There is a reason the 49ers traded away three first-round picks to obtain Lance. Garoppolo isn’t dynamic. He does not have a cannon for an arm. He’s not especially athletic.

He’s not just a Patrick Mahomes or Justin Herberta player who is able to put a team on his back and single-handedly cause them to victory. He’s an excellent NFL quarterback, but he’s not just a great one.

However, the truth is that we have no idea if Lance is excellent either. Not by way of a long shot. Even though there are several items that Garoppolo isn’t, additionally, there are several things he could be.

Garoppolo might not have Lance’s arm strength or mobility, but at this stage within their respective careers, he’s absolutely more accurate. After starting 45 games over five seasons for Shanahan, he knows the offense inside and out.

He’s got played in no shortage of big games, including a begin in Super Bowl LIV. He’s well-respected in the locker room. He could be most assuredly not your typical backup quarterback.

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Most of all for a 49ers team which has aspirations of not merely making the postseason but doing damage after they make it happen, Garoppolo is really a winner.

QB wins might not be probably the most accurate barometer of a signal-caller’s abilities, however the proven fact that Garoppolo includes a higher winning percentage in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA than Aaron Rodgers does in Green Bay matters. In two of days gone by three seasons, he led the 49ers at the very least so far as the NFC title game.

This is not a predicament where Shanahan now must throw half the offense out the window to support the limitations of a new player who has rarely, you understand, played.

Is there things Lance can perform that Garoppolo can’t? Yes. But Shanahan knows just what Garoppolo does (and will not) prosper. He knows how exactly to tailor the offense around himhe’s been carrying it out for a long time.

This is not to state that Lance’s injury was a very important thing. First, it had been a brutal break for a promising young player. Second, that could you need to be a rotten thing to state.

But Lance was the fantastic unknown in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Garoppolo isn’t. We realize who he could be and what the 49ers are with him. The team will run the ball. Play defense. And when the past many years are any indication, they’ll win a lot more than they lose.

There is a reason analysts like Peter King of NBC Sports predicted prior to the season that Garoppolo would supplant Lance because the starter at some time this season.

Lance may be the near future in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, but a compelling argument could possibly be made even before Sunday’s injury that the team’s best bet for success in today’s lies with Garoppolo running the offense.

Now, that argument is moot.

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