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Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Revealed His Incredibly Simple Rule for Success

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From the historic winning streak at the Mr. Olympia competition, to some box office smashes in the ’80s and ’90s, to his tenure as Governor of California, you can find few people whose resume appears like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. In a recently available Instagram post, which include an extract from the speech he made as of this year’s Arnold Sports Festival, Schwarzenegger reflected on his career and revealed one of is own “rules” for living.

“I hate Plan B,” he said. “People perform better, in sports and the rest, if they don’t possess an idea B. I’ve never, ever endured an idea B.”

He continued: “I made a complete commitment that I’m gonna go and become a bodybuilding champion, I made a complete commitment that I’m gonna maintain America, I made a complete commitment that I’m gonna enter showbusiness and I’ll be a main character, regardless of what it requires I’ll do the task. I needed to work again and again and over until I acquired it.”

Schwarzenegger continued to spell it out how he believes that the reason why folks have a backup plan is basically because they’re worried that they can fail. “Without a doubt something: You shouldn’t be afraid of failing,” he said. “Because there is nothing wrong with failing. You need to fail to be able to climb that ladder. There is no one which doesn’t fail. It’s OK. What’s not OK is that whenever you fail you stay down. Whoever stays down is really a loser. And winners who fail and obtain up, fail and obtain up, fail and obtain up, who always get right up, that is clearly a winner.”

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