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Artemis I livestream: Watch NASA’s historic SLS rocket launch

NASA is sending its colossal Space Launch System into space for the very first time on 29 August for the Artemis I mission round the moon. Watch the launch coverage here

Space 26 August 2022

By Leah Crane

The eyes of the planet are on Cape Canaveral, Florida, where NASA is approximately to launch its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket into space for the first time.

SLS may be the most effective rocket ever built. It has faced numerous delays because the project began in 2011, nonetheless it has finally rolled out to the launch pad and is ready for liftoff. Its mission, called Artemis I, can last 42 days and may be the beginning of NASAs programme to send humans back again to the top of moon.

Stacked atop the SLS rocket may be the Orion capsule, that may separate from the core of the rocket itself about 8 minutes and 30 seconds after launch and continue onward to orbit the moon. The capsule is made to carry crew, but also for this first test flight it’ll carry only mannequins made to gauge the forces and radiation that crew members would experience through the mission.

When may be the launch?

The Artemis I launch is scheduled for 29 August between 8.33am and 10.33am EDT (between 1.33pm and 3.33pm BST). A livestream of the launch will undoubtedly be available on this site above. If any issues delay the mission, you can find backup launch dates on 2 and 5 September.

If all goes well with Artemis I, the Artemis II mission planned for 2024 will undoubtedly be SLS and Orions first crewed flight. That flight is planned to last no more than 10 days, going for a crew of four astronauts on a flight at night moon however, not landing. Artemis III, scheduled for 2025, is planned to be NASAs go back to the moon, the initial crewed lunar landing because the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. From then on, the Artemis programme is likely to continue with the delivery of an area station called the Lunar Gateway into orbit round the moon.

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