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Artificial intelligence to lessen waiting list for neurology appointments

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The Walton Centre is dealing with Tata Consultancy Services to use digital technology to its operation, you start with a time-saving AI chatbot

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Published: 28 Jul 2022 13: 40

The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust is dealing with an IT supplier to use the most recent digital technologies to its operation.

In its first project with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), an artificial intelligence-based chatbot has been developed to lessen the workload of specialists and patient waiting times.

The chatbot will complete a few of the early information gathering work of specialist neurologists, saving them time and reducing enough time it requires patients to obtain consultations using them.

A healthcare facility in Liverpool provides neurology, neurosurgery, spinal and pain management services, and contains a three-month average waiting time for appointments to see its consultants.

The AI-based chatbot prototype use cloud-native technologies and conversational AI. It’ll be able to connect to patients after they are described a healthcare facility and, by way of a group of questions, collect information regarding symptoms. The answers, coupled with a health background, will undoubtedly be reviewed by clinicians before appointments, that will enable them to create an early on assessment. The chatbot will therefore mean the consultants, that are in popular, wont need to ask the questions at the initial appointment.

Patients will undoubtedly be fast-tracked if the consultant thinks it necessary, and help with relieving symptoms could be provided in line with the information the clinician receives. The patients may also be given appropriate here is how to prepare because of their first appointment.

Consultant neurologist Anita Krishnan, divisional clinical director for neurology at The Walton Centre, said technology is really a huge section of medicine today. Its exciting to utilize TCS to produce a new AI-based solution which can only help our patients, she said.

Krishnan added that the chatbot system may potentially be extended into the areas of medicine. We have been working closely with TCS and our other specialist partners to guarantee the new solution works well and safe, and improves efficiency and patient outcomes, she said.

Shalini Mathur, business unit head, public services UK, at TCS, said: These technologies and solutions can help reduce waiting times for patients while improving the productivity of specialist consultants. This creates a blueprint for similar digital innovation in other clinical settings.

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