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Artist Matt Gondek To Launch NFTs of Custom Painted Baseball Bats

Artist Matt Gondek is defined to launch NFT versions of custom-painted baseball bats in the collection titled Fight Club. Gondek is really a rebellious and destructive artist who once melted Homer Simpson. The collection pre-sale for Fight Club goes go on August 18th, officially launching in September.

Matt Gondek Fight Club
A preview of the Matt Gondek Fight Club NFTs.

The Fight Club Collection

The Fight Club collection by Matt Gondek is of NFT versions of baseball bats. They’re used as a metaphor for the deconstruction, bright colors, and punk rock elements. They are elements which are prevalent in Gondeks work as yet.

The NFT is really a photograph of the physical bat, that you can also receive. Each physical bat is hand-carved with spikes installed, paint applied, and grip tape wrapped yourself. They’re different, making use of their uniqueness coming both from the organic nature of these creation and the deliberately designed color and pattern variations.

Each Fight Club NFT could be burned for physical correlation, or the dog owner can wthhold the NFT and instead get a print that’s hand-embellished and signed by Matt Gondek. Physical bats will arrive signed and numbered, and the ultimate amount of remaining physical bats will undoubtedly be determined by just how many NFTs are burned.

A number of events round the drop apply, that you can see on the MakersPlace marketplace where in fact the NFTs will undoubtedly be launched.

About Matt Gondek

Matt Gondek is really a Deconstructive Pop Artist, whose work is possessed with a punk rock spirit, celebrating rebellion and destruction. With a visceral pop color scheme and a disarmingly playful tone, he tears down cartoon idols, comparable to slaughtering our modern-day gods. Born in 1982, his creative voice is rooted in the 90s. He could be a genuine conduit of his generation. And also this, their seek out meaning and purpose amidst a cruel life in a flawed world. He boasts sold-out exhibitions in his home of LA along with NY, Paris, and Hong Kong.

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