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Ask HN: How can you discover the weird elements of the net?

Few ways, in no particular order:

– appears to attract individuals who have odd interests and its own filled with quirky websites

– webrings remain something and theres a whole lot on the market worth looking into

– directories like are often filled with interesting sites

– by following links on blogs and sites you discover interesting

– some cool forums remain on the market (

Shameless plug but I’m currently curating precisely due to the issue youre describing.

There is some really interesting reading on A thing that I particularly enjoy about this mode of discovery is that it’s more about curation and discovery. The smallness of the city (it feels small at the very least) implies that there doesn’t appear to be a large incentive to degrade the entire quality through the use of SEO-like tactics.

Never to diminish the standard of this content in the answers of other respondents, but don’t link directories and self hosted HTML blogs filter for a particular potentially unwanted writer bias? i.e. 30-something, male, agorist, nostalgic for the old internet, oddly niche hobbies, English as first or second language, …

Random thought: if the commercial web has all but devoured the initial web, leaving just a fraction of the interesting parts behind and which are no more really growing in number, isn’t this counter to the key reason why we decided we needed se’s altogether? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone made today’s Yahoo! Directory equivalent for all those random olde worlde curios most of us pine for? Something similar to today’s decentralized Geocities

Second this. You will discover all sorts of interesting writing and documents with this particular internet search engine, I actually came here to say it.

Additionally, there is places on the internet that aren’t quickly the highway as they say, you will discover them by delving into smaller communities like forums, fediverse is a great spot to find things like that. has links to a huge amount of small back road link aggregators and forums. The true internet exists, it’s just google and Facebook aren’t likely to show it for you.

Whatever you had to accomplish was ask.

Heres one I came across recently:

The social tech of 2007 in the net tech of 1997 for the tape tech of 1977. I swear if browsers still supported the blink and marquee tags there will be a few of that on display here. is really a very good replacement. does not have exactly the same categories and features, but I find some interesting content on the website.

Start posts from banned users on this website. Ive seen some genuinely deranged stuff on here. Onetime a poster experienced an extremely heated debate about censorship and finished up posting links to an in depth guide on how best to commit suicide for reasons uknown!

It wasnt particularly fun nonetheless it was genuinely an odd thing to encounter on todays internet.

Seek out strange and controversial topics on . The outcomes are completely different from the mainstream se’s which try hard to avoid fun “misinformation” by always sending one to the websites that never say anything strange.

For instance, try “solar warden” (not the gaming or the novel that is what the mainstream sites desire to inform you of) on Yandex if you wish to go down a great rabbit hole.

I love that the mAiNStrEaM SIteS actually provide relevant results rather than placing fringe, absurd conspiracy theories first. Seems consistent with Russian destabilisation campaigns though so maybe that deliberately?

And providing’s propaganda as #2 on “Ukraine invasion”? Totally not suspicious.

OP asked for “manages to stay away from hateful/racist/bigoted patterns of thought” though.

How may be the proven fact that the u.s government includes a secret space program that’s flying round the universe under our noses with godlike technology hateful/racist/bigoted?

Could it be now racist/hateful/bigoted to trust in alien technology conspiracies because anything that isn’t official government information could be automatically called such? I believe the complete solar warden thing and the universe of b.s around it really is sort of fun in a timecube sort of way and that attitude that whatever contradicts the federal government is racist/hateful/bigoted has killed most of the fun of the web.

It’s portion of the post-fact world that has been developed by Dugin’s design. That is central to destabilization efforts. They are trying this for a long time – Eastern Europe was flooded with shoddily printed ufology magazines in the late 90s, often mentioning topics or sightings in Russia, and in retrospect probably just straight-up translations of centrally written articles.

I’m with you, it’s fun. I acquired Coast to Coast vibes reading among the pages onto it. and I remembered Gary McKinnon from the Count Dankula video about him – didn’t realize the conspiracy theory was linked to what he saw when he hacked NASA in 2002.

Yes, this. I’ve been recently reading a whole lot about OSR and indie zine-like TTRPGs. Almost indiscriminate link-clicking appears to be the safest solution to result in the weird zones of any hobby. The wonder of it (in this type of case) is that the farther you go from mainstream, the more you encounter individuals who create stuff. Weird, wonderful stuff.

Well it’s def not the simplest way.. but I find mostly a subredit for just about any weird of wonderful interests I would have in those days, sorting the post by top-x (week, month,in history) can provide you some quick domain-knowledge or important urls.YMMV(Greatly)

Use your imagination. Come up with keywords for weird stuff, type them in on se’s, eBay, Etsy, everywhere and see what arises. Be somewhat vague, like “wireless LED”. Also try searches on things you know of and see what’s related. Try “Webb Wilder” and “Subgenius” and see what sites are returned and do not look at those pages but at the websites themselves. Be persistent, you might have to wade through plenty of non-weirdness.“psychotronic”

> stay away from hateful/racist/bigoted patterns of thought

If you need to widen the spectral range of humanity you are subjected to, you’re inevitably likely to come across these folks. Personally I thought it had been really worth it. A lot of bad and the good found.

So long as you know the difference and know predicament yourself, morally / value-wise.

I really believe there is a big percentage of individuals who hadn’t yet had their moment of self-actualisation or regardless of the phrase is, who paid attention to the proper(wrong) people at the proper(wrong) time and finished up believing the planet earth is flat or the holocaust never happened.

Mostly my social bubble not to mention reddit!I even read hackernews through reddit, because of the sub forum.Otherwise there’s the nice old google bang for for anything of interest =)

I could safely reccomend the appollo app for the phone.

There are numerous great sites on the market. People may think they’re dead or lost since they don’t attract an incredible number of view each day, but “when the net was good” there have been just less people on the web. And lots of the majority of individuals online padding out the numbers nowadays are never likely to be thinking about these kinds of things anyway.To get new sites it could be fun carrying out a topic down a wikipedia rabbit hole searching for external links etc. for instance focus on discord on wikipedia and finally end up getting something similar to fnord

Many other lists on wikipedia. (I believe there exists a “set of lists” with a large number of lists).

Sites that show lists of subreddits.

You can find things such as “first world problems”, “secod world problems” – and far much stranger stuff the bigger you go (“I needed to bake a cake from scratch, however in order to achieve that, I had to produce a new universe”).

TIL they will have Discord

their megathread is way much better than r/piracy

any list which doesn’t include Pahe, PSA and Knaben is for me personally not worth reading


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