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Assassin’s Creed Infinity Announced, A Hub THAT MAY Somehow Connect Games Together

An Assassin's Creed character is using a sword and torch to ward off what appears to be plague rats in an opulent cathedral.

Image: Ubisoft

Assassins Creed gets a lot bigger with Infinity, a fresh live-service project Ubisoft announced today during its Forward presentation. Infinity aims for connecting a number of different games together while introducing ongoing content updates which will roll out a lot more settings and timelines over its lifetime.

Infinity is meant to be always a hub, an individual entry way for fans to find yourself in Assassins Creed. The business vaguely explained further, saying Infinity will unite all [the] different experiences and players, together in meaningful ways. Ubisoft also said its looking at adding a standalone, free-to-play multiplayer experience codenamed Invictus through Infinity. In a nutshell, whatever this platform is sounds kinda like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which compiles several Halo gamessuch as Halo 2 and Halo 4in a single. Maybe Infinity can do exactly the same, housing a few of the older Assassins Creed games while regularly adding new experiences for players to look at. Who knows?

In accordance with an IGN interview with project lead Marc-Alexis Ct,Infinity will mix premium experiences with paid and free content. It will house both past and future entries, you start with the feudal Japan-themed project codenamed Red. When you can seemingly boot up Red from the hub, you can even buy itlike any Assassins Creed gameInfinity is not needed.

Infinity may also be where Assassins Creeds meta-story, the modern-day narrative that runs through the primary games, now lives, in accordance with Axios.

This is actually the first-time were actually hearing deets concerning this live-service game. We first learned of Infinity in July 2021, when Ubisoft confirmed the games existence after Bloomberg reported onto it leaking. The business said at that time that the overall game was a collaborative, cross-studio project between Ubisofts Montreal and Quebec studios, possibly signaling an enormous shift for the franchise, but remained pretty tightlipped about Infinity.

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Alongside Infinity, Ubisoft also gave us a glance at Assassins Creed: Mirage, another mainline entry that leaked earlier this month and can feature Valhalla supporting character Basim Ibn Ishaq because the protagonist. Slated to land in spring 2023 and originally built being an expansion to the 2020 Viking-themed action RPG, Mirage allows us to explore an inferior world in 9th-century Baghdad and seemingly puts greater focus on the series stealth-action gameplay roots.

Infinity and Mirage arent the only real Assassins Creed projects Ubisofts currently focusing on, though. The studio also announced two other major games in the franchise, codenamed Neo/Hexe and Red, which will supposedly participate Infinity. Along with both of these titleswhich are reportedly occur the latter stages of the Holy Roman Empire and Japan, respectivelythe company also revealed a mobile Assassins Creed game. It seems these games could land in 2024 at the initial, though given the type of game development in a worldwide pandemic, they might put on 2025 or 2026.

All of this occurs the heels of Chinese megacorp Tencent investing nearly $300 million in to the publisher. So, dont expect an assassin shortage anytime soon.

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