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AT&T sues T-Mobile over ‘dishonest and completely false’ senior discount ad campaign

AT&T is suing T-Mobile. On Tuesday, the carrier filed a complaint with a federal court in the Eastern District of Texas, accusing its rival of false advertising. T-Mobiles recently launched Verizon and AT&T Ban Senior Discounts campaign reaches the biggest market of the lawsuit. The activation carries a website that claims 92 percent of seniors in america cant get yourself a wireless discount from Verizon and AT&T since they dont reside in Florida.

The campaign aims to draw focus on a promotion that goes back to John Legeres tenure as CEO of T-Mobile. Since 2017, the carrier has offered Unlimited 55+ plans that provide people 55 and older discounted usage of its network. For example, the existing base level package starts at $40 monthly with autopay and includes unlimited talk, text and smartphone data.

In early 2020, AT&T began piloting its Unlimited 55+ plan. Right now, however, its only obtainable in Florida. Until Verizon and AT&T offer senior discounts beyond Florida, were helping their customers access the wireless discounts they deserve within our Carrier Callout, T-Mobile says.

AT&T contends T-Mobiles campaign is intentionally made to deceive older persons. The carrier says T-Mobiles website includes claims which are literally false. Moreover, it notes that AT&T have not banned seniors from getting discounted services beyond your state of Florida. The business points to an application it has already established set up since March 2015. AT&T offers members of AARP, a nonprofit organization that represents a lot more than 38 million seniors in america, a $10 discount off its Unlimited Premium plan, among other perks. That promotion comes in all 50 US states.

T-Mobiles claims are outright dishonest and completely false. It isn’t the 1st time they will have spread misleading information, an AT&T spokesperson said. AT&T offers wireless discounts to folks of all ages, including seniors in every 50 states. The only method to avoid the un-truthful carrier is apparently in a court of law, and thats where we have been.

T-Mobile didn’t immediately react to Engadgets obtain comment. AT&T is seeking damages and an injunction contrary to the campaign. The Unlimited 55 promotion isnt the very first time T-Mobile has gotten in big trouble because of its advertising. In 2020, the carrier said it could stop claiming its 5G network was more reliable than that of its competitors after Verizon filed a complaint with National Advertising Review Board.

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