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ATTENTION: This Beijing Travel Rule has Changed

Got travel plans between September 10 and October 31? You will require a poor nucleic acid test issued within 48 hours.

This implies theres hook change in the guidelines for all those leaving Beijing by high-speed rail or any type of train.

Relative to an announcement by Chinas COVID Taskforce of hawaii Council, anyone traveling by the means the following between Saturday, September 10, 2022 and Monday, October 31, 2022 Will need to have a 48-hour nucleic acid test:

  • Plane

  • High-speed rail or any type of train

  • Inter-provincial tour group

  • Interprovincial passenger ships

Leaving Beijing?

Residents of the administrative centre have already been advised never to leave Beijing through the holiday period because of amount of new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases.

However, so long as you meet all of the necessary requirements, you’ll find nothing to avoid you from leaving the town, in the event that you so desire.

Below is really a reminder of the guidelines:

Your Beijing Health Kit ()…

should be normal.

Traveling by Train

All railway stations and high-speed rail stations require passengers to provide a poor nucleic acid test result issued within 48 hours (NOTE: it has changed from that which was previously reported).

Traveling by Plane

All passengers will need to have a poor nucleic acid test result issued within 48 hours.

If youre entering either Capital International or Daxing Airport (lets say you want to drop someone off and say goodbye), you will need a negative nucleic acid test result issued within 72 hours.


to check the guidelines for arriving in your destination beforehand.

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