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Aubrey de Grey New Antiaging Foundation and Combo Therapy Work

The first choice of the Antiaging movement, Aubrey de Grey, has started a fresh antiaging foundation. The brand new foundation will undoubtedly be advancing combination antiaging damage repair therapies.

The brand new foundation will continue to work with Ichor Life Sciences. Ichor spun out of Aubreys prior foundation. Ichor has macular regeneration work and contains expanded to senenscent cells and acts as a CRO. A Contract Research Organization (CRO) is really a company that delivers clinical trial services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

Ichor (Stock symbol ICHR) includes a market cap around $800 million currently and contains traded as high as $1.7 billion. Aubrey expects Ichor to obtain acquired.

Aubrey really wants to press ahead to accomplish his long standing goal of robust mouse rejuvenation.

Robust mouse rejuvenation as originally outlined means a complete enough implementation of SENS (aging damage reversal) to manage to doubling the rest of the life span of an elderly mouse, demonstrated and replicated in rigorous laboratory studies.

I interviewed Aubrey de Grey recently where he discussed business and scientific highlights in neuro-scientific aging damage reversal.

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