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Auroras may reach as far south as NY because of massive solar bursts

Two coronal mass ejections erupted from sunlight on August 14 and August 15. This, space weather experts have warned, may lead to increased geomagnetic activity. The power from the solar bursts is likely to reach Earth on August 18, also it could trigger aurora displays as far south as NY.

As always, auroras are caused when solar technology triggers geomagnetic storms in the Earths magnetic field. These storms will be the result of solar technology and material from the eruptions hitting the Earths outer atmosphere. When that occurs, it could often create dazzling light shows in the sky.

Normally these lights are just observed in the far north. However, these impending storms could reach further south.

Solar burst eruptions are anticipated to attain Earth this week

solar flareImage source: joelia / Adobe

Once the solar bursts reach Earcht, they might trigger northern lights in the sky so far as south as NY, reports. The resulting geomagnetic activity may be the offspring of two solar eruptions that left sunlight earlier this week.

Needless to say, geomagnetic activity is nothing new, especially once we continue deeper in to the Suns 11-year cycle and activity ramps up a lot more. But, these solar bursts are concerning because among the eruptions could cannibalize another. Should this happen, it would develop a powerful coronal mass ejection with the capacity of wreaking havoc on our planets magnetic field.

Whenever a geomagnetic storm wreaks havoc on our world, it gets the potential to cause problems with communications, satellites, and much more. Therefore, astronomers and space weather experts are paying close focus on the existing dynamic of the two solar bursts. And, because they near Earth, theyll be searching for any signs of both combining together into one.

Earth's magnetic field reacting to solar stormImage source: koya979 / Adobe

Whats more, sunlight currently has five sunspot regions that may deliver solar flares. These solar flares reach the planet earth easily, delivering a blow to your magnetic field. Therefore, a few of these have previously caused minor radio blackouts. These solar eruptions tend to be more powerful, though; because we’ve more lead around them, could actually make a bit better for them.

Space weather experts expect well continue steadily to see more solar bursts such as this because the Suns activity increases before achieving the peak of its 11-year cycle. Once that occurs, the Suns magnetic poles will switch orientations, and the experience will slowly die down again. All we are able to do is wait and hope that whatever solar technology reaches us doesnt result in a major blackout.

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