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Australians INVOLVE SOME Bonkers Drinking Traditions LISTED BELOW ARE 19 OF THE EXTREMELY Best

2. Having deep and meaningful conversations at 1am for this specific outdoor table.

3. Singing “he’s a pisspot through and through” while forcing you to definitely down their drink at once.

4. Flying to Asia merely to get gloriously hammered on cheap cocktails for weekly.

5. Having an unwavering allegiance to goon sacks.

6. And playing goon of fortune.

The Hills Hoist was featured in the 2000 Olympics closing ceremony in Sydney. For Brisbane 2032 I’m proposing honouring the tradition of Goon of Fortune

Twitter: @GriftersEmporum

The truth that we’ve a whole-ass game focused on pegging a goon sack to a hills hoist? Truly iconic.

7. Having no real regard for arbitrary alcohol “rules”.

8. Using empty bottles as decor.

9. Drinking Passion Play a park.

Twitter: @BTheorists

It’s basically a rite of passage at this stage. Then once we age we progress from parks to accommodate parties, inside our twenties we go from pubs to chic cocktail bars and back again to pubs by enough time we’re 30.

10. Woofing into dirty kebabs or HSPs at 2am following a particular date.

If some of y’all ever arrived at Australia, you need to try the halal snack pack Delicious

Twitter: @TheAMaazing

There’s literally no better drunk food.

11. Having literally 100 words to be drunk including ‘maggot’, ‘hammered’, ‘shit-faced’, ‘pissed’ or ‘fucked’.

12. And calling beer bottles ‘stubbies’, beer cans ‘tinnies’, schooners ‘schooeys’, and ale ‘tappies’.

americans calling tinnies tallboys is indeed funny if you ask me. gonna start calling stubbies littlelads

Twitter: @spinningjoe

We love drinking so much that we’ve developed a complete new language around it.

13. Oh and let’s remember every different state having different names for beer sizes.

14. Getting anyone who goes overseas to choose you up two bottles of Absolut at duty free on the way home.

15. Drinking alcopops as a teenager, avoiding them in your early 20s, a couple of years later getting delighted once you find them within an esky at a ~grown-up~ party.

16. Always finding new and inventive methods to drink.

17. Carrying our beloved goon sack model to other beverages.

18. Calling sauvignon blanc “savvy b”.

Australian’s have to shorten everything is completely baffling. ‘Can I get yourself a glass of Savvy B?’ IT’S CALLED SAUVIGNON BLANC DICKHEAD.

Twitter: @romapaloma

Even though it is a $300 bottle from some obscure French winery, it’s still an excellent old bott of savvy B.

19. And lastly, having a record for fastest beer-drinking being held by way of a former Prime Minister.

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