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Autographs New Signature Experience Program Debuts With Tom Brady

The favorite Web3 platform Autograph makes headlines again, this time around with a fresh digital product: Signature Experiences. Essentially, the program will offer you VIP event access, exclusive merch, curated forums, and much more. Its first NFT-powered experience, titled The Huddle features no apart from Tom Brady, Autographs co-founder.

image of Tom Brady alongside his autograph for his NFT platform Autograph's new project, The Huddle
Autograph launches a fresh program for connecting fans and idols, titled Signature Experiences. Credit: Autograph

What’s Autographs Signature Experience?

Today, Tom Bradys successful Web3 platform Autograph announced a fresh interactive program: Signature Experiences. Accordingly, this premium feature brings fans nearer to a common personalities through the energy of NFTs.

In a nutshell, holders of the upcoming, limited-edition Signature Experiences are certain to get exclusive digital and physical perks. For instance, fans can redeem holders-only merch, VIP event invitations, and communication channels making use of their favorite celebrities.

Signature Experiences, challenges traditional notions of fandom and reimagines how devoted audiences build relationships icons and one another by developing a richer, more interactive, community-driven experience, said Autographs CEO Dillon Rosenblatt.

Starting September 8th, Tom Bradys fans can benefit from the first Signature Experience via Autograph.

digital sculpture inspired by Tom Brady for his new NFT project, The Huddle
The initial Signature Experiences, featuring Tom Brady, launch on September 8th via Autograph. Credit: Autograph

What’s Tom Bradys Autograph Signature Experience offering?

The brand new program called The Huddle creates an interactive digital journey featuring Tom Brady. Needless to say, the portal gives an insight in to the players experiences IRL, and also other perks:

  • Exclusive usage of live streams with special guests;
  • Invite-only usage of real-life local games in Boston, Atlanta, and LA;
  • VIP usage of Tom Bradys Tampa Bay party to celebrate the finish of the 2022-23 NFL season;
  • Exclusive BRADY Brand merch;
  • Future NFT airdrops.

Collectors can access Tom Bradys The Huddle by minting a particular NFT called Season Ticket. To clarify, Season Ticket NFTs will become your ticket to enter The Huddle portal on the Autograph platform.

All Season Tickets can be available starting September 8th via Autograph.

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