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Azur Lane’s Aquilifer’s Ballade event explores the disappearance of Roma and introduces the Sardegna Empire


Azur Lane's Aquilifer's Ballade event explores the disappearance of Roma and introduces the Sardegna Empire

Yostar has just released a fresh event because of its naval shoot em up Azur Lane called Aquilifer’s Ballade. It’ll serve to introduce the brand new Sardegna Empire with the grand opening of the planet Expo aswell. Roma is in charge of each one of these proceedings even though the event occurred, it appears like Roma went missing immediately after. A study followed and led players to an underground tunnel within the grand theatre with a trail of clues pointing to the green ghost. To understand here are some, players will need to play all of those other story.


The Aquilifiers Ballade event in Azur Lane can last until August 10th, giving players in regards to a week . 5 to research. As players clear the function maps and progress through the primary story, they’ll earn Expo Commemorative Coins which can be traded set for the Super Rare Giuseppe Garibaldi, Emanuele Pessagno, and much more. In the decision to Arms: Sardegna Empire event, players will undoubtedly be using Phase one ships to complete quests and earn the Splendour of Sardegna portrait frame.

Furthermore, this update includes a whopping seven new characters who’ll be put into Azur Lane within the Sardegna Empire. This new roster includes three Super Rare ships Roma, Giuseppe Garibaldi, and Leonardo da Vinci, three Elite ships Emanuele Pessagno, Alfredo Oriani, and Bolzano, and lastly, one META ship Trento Meta. A few of these shipgirls will get a rate up from the limited construction, as the others will see themselves in the Light and Heavy Construction Pools.

To top everything off, the function shop includes a couple of new what to consider. Manjuu Ballroom is really a new furniture set, Stage Dance may be the gear skin box, and Rhythm and Steps may be the new outfit series that’s shared. Consider some returning skins aswell!

Investigate the mystery of Romas disappearance by downloading Azur Lane now free of charge.

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