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Back-to-School Chalkboard Photos Expose Info for Predators, Police Warn

Parents feel particularly proud when the youngster heads back again to school by the end of the summertime and frequently celebrate by posting a back-to-school photo. But sharing that info on social media marketing could result in predators targeting the kid.

A recently available back-to-school trend for parents is posting an image of these child supporting an indicator that depicts a chalkboard sharing the child’s name, the institution they’re attending, how old they are, the teacher’s name, the child’s height and weight and his / her favorite activities. Designed to be a type of documentation by the household, sharing that information may lead to negative outcomes.

Private information shared on social media marketing may be used by predators, scammers or hackers, irrespective of social media marketing privacy settings, in accordance with several police departments educating parents on this issue.

St. Louis County Police Department (SLCPD) recently posted concerning the chalkboard photos on its Facebook page. The post said rather than sharing information regarding your child such as for example name, school along with other personal stats, the sign could just read “First Day of School” instead. SLCPD said it’s safe to talk about personal stats with good friends and family however, not openly on social media marketing.


SLCPD Public Information Officer Adrian Washington said that lots of times, the photo of the kid is used front of the family’s home.

“Everybody loves the initial day, back-to-school posting,” however, many of the items “we normally placed on those boards are occasionally family passwords,” he said. “And oftentimes, those pictures are used front of your property. So you’re rendering it easy for you to definitely track and discover who you’re and use some of these words to find a family password.”

Police Warn of School Photo Scams
Above, NEW YORK teachers teach a classroom of students. Police are warning parents to be cautious of what they share in back-to-school photos of these children. Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

McHenry County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois also shared an identical post on its Facebook page. MCSO launched a “Think Before You Share” campaign made to educate parents on precautionary measures they are able to take with regards to posting on social media marketing. MCSO also showed a side-by-side photo like SLCPD when a deputy showed a good example of what must not be shared.

The example that has been safe to talk about only included the deputy’s name and a remedy beneath the “When I mature, I would like to be:” prompt. Information that wasn’t safe to talk about included private information such as for example favorite color, favorite food, favorite movies, a teacher’s name along with other information that may be used as passwords or security questions.

“This informationschool name, classroom, grade, age, etc.can all be utilized by predators, scammers, along with other people seeking to endanger your son or daughter, family, or finances,” the MCSO post said. “Regardless of your privacy settings or friends list, you need to keep private information on the web to the smallest amount.”

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