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Bad Daddys Celebrates Its Hard-Working Employees with Extended Extra Holiday

Bad Daddy's Celebrates Its Hard-Working Employees with Extended Extra Holiday

Gourmet burger bar reinstates Bad Daddys Labor Day, holiday bonuses and much more

Bad Daddy's Celebrates Its Hard-Working Employees with Extended Extra HolidayDenver, CO ( After another successful year, Bad Daddys Burger Bar is showing its appreciation because of its dedicated employees by bringing back its Bad Daddys Labor Day on Tuesday, Sept. 6!

On Bad Daddys Labor Day, the gourmet burger bar is giving all employees your day off to thank them because of their hard work. Furthermore, the brand is rolling out enhanced benefits, holiday bonuses and pay structure to the very best team in the burger business!

We have been super excited to reward our amazing, dedicated employees again this season, said Ryan Zink, CEO of MEMORIES Restaurants. Without their commitment to your brand, Bad Daddys wouldn’t normally have the ability to supply the outstanding service and amazing food our guests attended to expect. Hopefully the excess day off, and our improved benefits and perks, remind we members just how much we appreciate almost all their effort and dedication.

Bad Daddys benefits include:

  • 401(k) matching after a month for several employees 21 and older;
  • Cafeteria plan benefits including medical, dental, vision, disability and flexible spending makes up about all restaurant managers (eligible to begin the month following start date) and eligible hourly associates (eligible after twelve months of service averaging 30 hours weekly);
  • Around 12 weeks paid maternity and paternity leave for salaried managers;
  • Competitive PTO program offering vacation, sick time, personal days and bereavement leave varying by position; and,
  • Uniforms provided to all or any employees on the first day.

Along with these benefits, perks for Bad Daddys associates contain:

  • Holidaybonus as high as one weeks purchase all hourly associates and full-time hourly shift leaders;
  • Competitive purchase all employees like the culinary team, shift leaders and salaried managers with front-of-house employees generally making over $20 one hour, including tips;
  • Flexible, weekly scheduling;
  • Swag sent to the restaurants quarterly to reward and recognize employees;
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas and Bad Daddys Labor Day paid with additional purchase five working holidays for salaried managers;
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual performance bonuses for several managers;
  • Vacation purchase shift leaders and a competitive PTO program for managers and above starting at fourteen days of vacation, three sickdays and a personalday. Managers can build-up to a month of vacation in mere seven years; and,
  • Anniversary celebration program for managers.

To learn more, pleasevisit and connect to Bad Daddyson Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more information about MEMORIES NATURAL AND ORGANIC Burgers & Frozen Custard, visit

About MEMORIES Restaurants Inc.

MEMORIES Restaurants Inc. (GTIM) owns, operates, franchises and licenses 40 Bad Daddys Burger Bar restaurants through its wholly owned subsidiaries. Bad Daddys Burger Bar is really a full-service small box restaurant concept having a chef-driven menu of gourmet signature burgers, chopped salads, appetizers and sandwiches with a complete bar and a concentrate on an array of local and craft beers in a high-energy atmosphere that attracts an easy consumer base. Additionally, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, MEMORIES Restaurants Inc. operates and franchises a regional quick-service restaurant chain comprising 32 MEMORIES NATURAL AND ORGANIC Burgers & Frozen Custard restaurants located primarily in Colorado.


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