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Bar Patrons ENTER Wild Brawl After Michael Irvin DOES NOT Break STRENGTHEN

Michael Irvin Attempts TO AVOID Bar Fight But Patrons Brawl Anyway!!!

8/18/2022 12: 15 AM PT

Despite Michael Irvin‘s best efforts to help keep the peace — bar patrons still got involved with a wild fistfight close to the Hall of Famer in Texas on Monday … and the crazy scene was all captured in a video obtained by TMZ Sports.

The altercation happened at around 10 p.m. at Knockout Sports Bar near Dallas — soon after Irvin had found its way to town from filming ESPN’s “First Take” in NEW YORK early in the day.

We’re told the former Dallas Cowboys superstar was playing some pool with a pal close to the bar area — whenever a man wearing a teal T-shirt walked around try to get yourself a picture with The Playmaker.

Witnesses say the person who was using Irvin, though, told the guy to scram — which set the dude in the teal off.

You can observe in the video, the person appeared to have an enormous problem with Irvin’s friend … however the ex-wide receiver eventually stepped directly into get everyone to relax.

The footage shows Irvin even hugged the guy in the teal to be able to prevent a fracas. But, we’re told the guy kept pressing — and finally, it resulted in an all-out brawl.

The person swung on Irvin’s friend several times, appearing for connecting along with his jaw repeatedly. Bouncers raced in, however the melee appeared to continue.

Finally, a few of the combatants left the bar, restoring order to the scene.

It ought to be noted Irvin had not been mixed up in fight at all — he was on the far side of the restaurant having a conversation with a server. We’re told he left the venue minutes following the scrap concluded.

We reached out to cops, however they said these were not called to the scene and so are not investigating.

Irvin, meanwhile, has yet to publicly touch upon the incident.

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