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BA’s 10 Best New Restaurants of 2022

I didnt know what things to expect when I booked a flight just weeks after starting this job and lay out searching for the very best new restaurants in america. In 2020, because the entire industry reeled from the first ramifications of the pandemic, Bon Apptit put a pause with this annual undertaking. Whenever we resumed I was anxious that the have been irreparably changed, that the landscape will be desolate. I couldnt have already been more wrong. In Kansas City, Oaklandanywhere we went, reallywe were met by jaw-dropping food and an extraordinary sense of creativity.

I was right about a very important factor though: Restaurants are approaching things differently than during the past. Theyre giving center stage to regional foodways that lots of of our cities have sorely lacked. Theyre food preparation that shakes off the expectations and burdens of what certain cuisines are likely to look or taste like. Theyre putting staff first with techniques that feel new and inspiring and perfectly. And theyre having a hell of lots of fun.

Even though we were on our second or third dinners (so many double dinners!), my fellow editors and I left those meals feeling like wed been section of something truly special. It will be impossible to simmer that feeling right down to several paragraphs as well as a whole package, though weve certainly tried. Much better than we’re able to possibly say it ourselves, these 10 new restaurants exemplify just how special a restaurant could be. Elazar Sontag, restaurant editor Browse the full set of 50 nominees here



Bringing the breadth and depth of South Indian cuisine to NEW YORK.

Photograph by Isa Zapata

Chef Vijay Kumar sitting in a chair in Semma’s dinning room, looking to the side.
Chef Vijay Kumar in Semmas dining area.

Beneath the direction of chef Vijay Kumar, regional Southern Indian dishes reign at New Yorks Semma: spicy-sweet Goanese oxtails, Mangalore cauliflower presented in a delicate crescent that belies a significant punch of spice, Keralan banana-leaf-wrapped fish. And also a Platonic-ideal dosa, corners tucked tightly right into a triangle with chaos of masala potatoes inside, and side dishes just like a parotta as flaky-soft because they come and the ponni rice Kumar was raised eating on his familys paddy fields in Tamil Nadu. In the paddies as a kid, hed search for snailswhich hes reimagined into among the restaurants standout dishes, served on a bed of these shells. Pair your meal with among the bars killer drinks, just like the Whistle Podu, a specific favorite that has curry-leaf-infused gin, ginger liqueur, and cardamom. Indian restaurants might be a dime twelve in New Yorkand nationwidebut the wide breadth of Southern Indian cuisine hasnt always received the eye it deserves. Because of chef Kumar, who approaches the huge selection of dishes, flavors, and ingredients over the region carefully and precision, thats changing. Sonia Chopra Read a comic chronicling Vijays way to Semma


Eral Thokku (Tiger prawn, $25); Kudal Varuval (Goat intestines, $18); Gunpowder Dosa ($19); Mangalore Huukosu (Cauliflower, $19); Meen Pollichathu (Banana-leaf-wrapped black cod, $45).

The Depth of South Indian Cuisine

Chef Vijay Kumar shows how six South Indian staple dishes are created.

Lead Editors:

Elazar Sontag, Amiel Stanek, Hilary Cadigan

Story Editors:

Meryl Rothstein, Chala June

Project Manager:

Kate Kassin

Production Editor:

Nico Avalle

Creative Director:

Arsh Raziuddin

Art & Design:

Caroline Newton, Julia Duarte, Walter Green, Megan Tatem, Hazel Zavala


Jos Ginarte, Graylen Gatewood, Marc Williams

Header Video:

Isa Zapata, Victoria Granof (food stylist), Grace Hartnett (prop stylist)


Alexander Ratner

Social and Audience Development:

Urmila Ramakrishnan, Esra Erol, Jessica Forstmann, Adam Moussa, Olivia Quintana

Food Editors:

Chris Morocco, Hana Asbrink, Rachel Gurjar, Zaynab Issa, Shilpa Uskokovic, Kendra Vaculin

Recipe Editors:

Liesel Davis, Jonathan Milder


June Kim, Ali Inglese, Dan Siegel, Paz Mendez Hodes, Cole Evelev, Gunsel Pehlivan, Jen McGinity, Parisa Kosari, Jon Bang, Janine Dispensa, Dimitri Lazarashvili, Alicia Aswat, Vivian Jao, Elizabeth Hymes, Robby Massey, Micah Phillips, JC Scruggs


Ryan Harrington, H Conley


Greg Robertson, Brian Carroll

Special Thanks:

Dawn Davis, Sonia Chopra, Serena Dai, Matt Domino, Sasha Levine, Nick Traverse

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