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Bears signing OT Riley Reiff to 1-year deal worth around $12.5 million

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Chicago mayor presents 3 choices for improving Soldier Field

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday presented three choices for renovating Soldier Field, the house of the Chicago Bears, however the team said it isn’t interested. Lightfoot proposed fully enclosing the stadium by rebuilding both end zones with columns that may support a dome; rebuilding both end zones with columns to help make the stadium dome-ready; or modifying Soldier Field to become a multi-purpose stadium better fitted to soccer. “These proposed renovations allows Soldier Field to retain its role being an economic engine for Chicago for a long time ahead, Lightfoot said in a news release.


Ehud Barak: Iran Can Transform Itself right into a Nuclear PowerAnd It’s Too Late to avoid It By Surgical Attack

Your time and effort to block Iran from turning out to be a nuclear power reaches its lowest ebb ever, apparently headed for failure. In 2015, the U.S.-led agreement to delay Irans program didn’t go far enough, and the 2018 U.S. withdrawal from that same agreement allowed Iran to legitimize its persistent crawl toward threshold nuclear status that’s, having enough highly enriched uranium for just one nuclear device and the technology to create it a weapon. Iran kept enriching uranium and contains turned from the country that Russia was assigned to monitor right into a country supplying Russia with armed drones.

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The frontline fighters barring Russias advance

STORY: Standing in the form of the Russian advance in eastern Ukraine: a Ukrainian battalion and a unit of foreign nationals who answered Kyiv’s demand help.They’re about 50 % a mile from Russian positions defending the captured eastern city of Izium.”From the Ukrainian people,” may be the message with this mortar.Artillery rains down most nights. Denis Polishchuk’s nom de guerre is “Canada” because he was created in Ukraine but lived in Vancouver.What am I likely to tell my children – God willing, I’ve them someday – if they mature, or my grandchildren if they ask me about these truly historical times we’re surviving in? And I felt that the only real dignified response will be that, yes, I was doing my part. I was fighting alongside with everybody else.Polishchuk is section of the Carpathian Sich battalion – one of the paramilitary nationalist groups that began as volunteers in 2014, when Russia took over the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea and backed pro-Russian armed separatists in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.Since May, Kyiv says they are reformed and built-into the standard army.Moscow brands such former paramilitary groups far-right extremists – and justified its invasion by saying it really wants to “denazify” Ukraine. They strongly reject the charge.The fighters recently captured a Russian tank almost intact. In addition they cope with Russian drones that they call “black clouds” that direct artillery fire with their positions.A field commander, who gave his name only as Dzvin for security reasons, says if Russian forces broke through here other units could possibly be outflanked.We recognize that if we, God forbid, surrender this line, if this horde can break through, we shall let a wide array, a large number of our brothers that are holding the Donetsk and Luhansk lines, get executed. So it’s vitally important. Our deterrence helps it be impossible to encircle our troops. Conor can be an ex army medic. He says images of wounded women, children and fighters without adequate medical help prompted him to leave Britain.So, I thought a few of the knowledge that I am trained in, take it out here, and we’ve helped setup field hospitals … It really is obtaining a lot tougher out here the longer it continues on. It really is definitely tiring. Sleep patterns are broken from shelling, and they also shelled at one, two and four oclock each morning yesterday, so thats obviously breaking our sleep routine up, but you need to stay positive.Two Britons and a Moroccan citizen captured fighting with the Ukrainian army were sentenced to death as mercenaries by way of a Russian-backed separatist court in June.Polishchuk says the risk of capture scares him, however, not enough to deter him.”Its not likely to stop me, it will not change my decision. It’s definitely a thing that you need to remember and consider, but simultaneously that is war. Everybody knows the possible consequences folks being here and weve all made peace with that.


Oil settles down on lower U.S. consumer confidence, coming SPR release

(Reuters) -Oil prices reversed early gains and settled lower on Tuesday, as investors concerned about lower consumer confidence and braced for another 20 million barrels of crude oil to be released from the U.S Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Brent crude futures fell 75 cents, or 0.7%, to stay at $104.40. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude fell $1.72 cents, or 1.8%, to $94.98.

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