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Behind the mmad art Phygital Exhibition by Las Palmas Doradas

mmad art and Las Palmas Doradas is hosting the initial solo exhibition of phygital functions by emerging artist, Karina Abramova. Called Poetry for the Anthropocene, the exhibition of 2D and 3D artworks embraces eco-art activism to provide back again to nature. Whats more, the private view of the show was filled with some insightful small talks. The topics ranged from tech and ecology to art and activism.

Heres all you have to to know concerning the mmad art exhibition by Las Palmas Doradas:

A man watching the Las Palmas Doradas' phygital exhibition at mmad art
Las Palmas Doradas phygital exhibition is currently on display at mmad art.

About Las Palmas Doradas by Karina Abramova

A phygital project, Las Palmas Doradas explores the partnership between humanity, nature, and technology. Through her works, Abramova blends natural objects with climate science to generate exquisite digital pieces. Now, Poetry for the Anthropocene, the Las Palmas Doradas project show, is on display at mmad art, London. The exhibition was co-curated by Karina Abramova and Margaux Mester, founder, mmad art.

We present the task of NFT creators and contemporary artists in a lovely modern interactive space, said Mester. This exhibition may be the to begin its kind at mmad art and an initial of a number of others once we aspire to develop a strong community with common values and great societal goals.

mmad art is bridging the physical and the digital to create the NFT world to the collector in familiar surroundings, even while investing in purpose-driven projects. Las Palmas Doradas fits the bill, bridging climate debate with environmental action by developing phygital climate communications. Simultaneously, it really is executing regenerative action in real-life communities.

On Tuesday, July 26, Abramova hosted an exclusive view of the exhibition, which NFT Evening co-founder, Tho Sastre-Garau had the pleasure of attending. The evening saw several short talks on tech and ecology, art and activism, ecosomatics, and indigenous wisdom.

The speakers included Karina Abramova, Nowadays on the planet Founder Kalpana Arias, 110Perceb Founder Manuel Diaz Cebrian, and Editorial Director at NEAR Protocol, Matt Hussey. Patrn Tequila, Calafuria wine, and Mexgrocer joined as sponsors.

Karina Abramova with her artwork
That is Karina Abramovas first solo exhibition.

About Poetry for the Anthropocene

Notably, the exhibition takes inspiration from Abramovas personal experience with natural degradation in the Yucatn peninsula. Among the worlds hottest scenic locations, it really is now overwhelmed by tourism, rising sea levels, forest fires, and pollution.

I’m attending to the topics of purpose, community, and climate resilience, united by way of a creative vision, Abramova said. I’m on a mission to answer fully the question Can an electronic object affect physical change? because if we are able to answer this through the final outcome of regenerative activity in the Yucatn, we are able to cement purpose as utility for NFTs.

The exhibition features phygital artworks in golden aesthetics, combing unique natural objects, 3D digital landscapes, and photography. Each piece starts with an all natural dead object to create focus on pressing climate change issues. It really is then reawakened being an objet dart with a climate narrative and translated to a timeless digital object for the Web3 space.

3XR can be providing a Las Palmas Doradas VR gallery experience, minted onMintbase for the exhibit. Furthermore, 25% of the art sales will support Las Palmas Doradas mangrove planting project in the Tulum area. The exhibition will undoubtedly be on display at mmad art till August 28, 2022.

Las Palmas Doradas artwork of a shell
The artworks come in stunning golden aesthetics!

Future plans of Las Palmas Doradas

Long run plans for Las Palmas Doradas involve building new community types of fiscal and climate resilience through clever web3 mechanics and climate tech innovation, where every participant gets rewarded, said Abramova.

Additionally, Abramova happens to be focusing on a partnership with the brand new Forest Park Authority for an electronic installation in the united kingdom. The collaboration involves installing AR sculptures across the New Forest trails and community planting projects this autumn.

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