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Best budget Bluetooth speakers of 2022

Updated Jul 26, 2022 3: 36 PM

There is absolutely no shortage of Bluetooth speakers under $100, even $50, which will make selecting the most appropriate one for the listening needs particularly difficult. While youd think a more affordable option may not boast outstanding audio quality or unbeatable battery life, there are several models that will deliver just what you need with regards to wire-free listening. Hone in on your own top priorities and search accordingly. Do you want something waterproof? A speaker that may clip onto a backpack? Or possibly something extra bass to bump at a celebration? With regards to budget Bluetooth speakers, its okay to spotlight a couple of central features and that means you obtain the most value for your money. Listed below are picks for speakers that may fit your preferences as well as your budget.

How exactly we find the best budget Bluetooth speakers

Most of the speakers recommended here have already been personally tested without any help or we, which explains why we’re able to confidently recommend this selection. We retested a few of our personal favorites and compared them to new units from other reputable brands with a concentrate on sound quality. While smaller portable speakers cant deliver audio thats as precise as premium stereo or multi-channel models, we ensured to choose products that preserve the integrity of well known albums. To help expand pare down the list, we only viewed speakers that currently retail at under $115, primarily concentrating on those around $50, while paying particular focus on durability, portability, and battery life. Then we considered special features like onboard controls, EQ customization, and connectivity to create you the very best of the greatest with regards to affordable Bluetooth speakers.

Points to consider before investing in a budget Bluetooth speaker

And discover the very best budget Bluetooth speaker for you personally, consider what features is a defining element in your ultimate decision. Are you currently prioritizing battery life? Volume? Portability? With regards to inexpensive speakers, you will possibly not have all of the fancy top features of a high-end model close at hand, but so long as you know what you would like to spotlight, youll be satisfied.

What should a budget Bluetooth speaker appear to be?

Sound quality is normally a high priority, regardless of what sort of speaker youre considering. While we can not expect a 6-inch speaker to transport exactly the same sonic weight as a couple of premium monitors, it is possible to still make wise choices if you’d prefer sound that beats all others.

First of all, if you would like better sound youll need to sacrifice a small amount of portability. Thats because larger units are usually more equipped to keep up consistent, distortion-free audio even while you turn the quantity up (a standard critique of compact speakers is that though they are able to get pretty loud, the audio quality significantly degrades with each decibel). Bigger speakers likewise have more room for well-designed subwoofers, which offer an accurate low end that wont totally overpower the mids and highs, making for a far more satisfying mix.

In the event that you want booming bass but cant upgrade with regards to size, many smaller units now come built with bass boosting technology that uses digital signal processing to place an focus on low-end frequencies that bumps without the rattle. While this could be a major pro for parties or at-home workout playlists, avoid speakers that use these boosts to overcompensate for too little clarity throughout other frequencies.

For more information about where your brand-new speaker will succeed or flunk with regards to audio quality, consider the frequency response. Measured in hertz and kilohertz, this range tells you the number of frequencies (lows, mids, and highs) the speaker will support. Generally, youll visit a response range between 20Hz 20kHz, which will be the limits of human hearing for both highs and lows. This is really a perfect range; however, because the model has a wide variety doesnt mean it wont have problems with dips and peaks around specific frequencies. For an extremely in-depth knowledge of the speakers success at accurately reproducing audio, it is possible to have a look at a frequency response graph for the merchandise, often made up of audio testing by way of a alternative party.

To learn more about volume, browse the speakers specs to locate a maximum decibel level, notated as dB. In case you are primarily playing music inside, you wont have to review 100 dB and we dont even recommend listening at that level, as its comparable to hearing a jackhammer at close range. However, if youre hosting a patio party with lots of people in attendance, you may realise about increasing the quantity to 115 dB, that is concert-level; music as of this volume covers a big area, nevertheless, you wouldnt want anyone standing too close. In most cases, we are content with Bluetooth speakers that maintain good sound quality at 85 dB for larger gatherings. WHEN I write, I’m happily hearing music at 74 dB and really dont require any longer volume.

Whats the offer with codecs and connectivity?

While options could be limited with regards to budget speakers, we recommend searching for gear that supports the latest version of Bluetooth you will find (right now thats anything in the 5.0 range). A Bluetooth 5.1 or 5.2 speaker could have a far more stable connection, that makes it better to support brand-specific features like allowing several person for connecting and control the speaker at the same time. Bluetooth 4.0 will still function just fine with most devices, nevertheless, you may lose out on some range, stability, and special features like multiuser pairing.

A Bluetooth codec describes how your digital audio data is encoded and decoded from the source device to your speaker or headphones. To obtain the most from these high-speed transfers both your receiver and transmitter have to be equipped with exactly the same codecs. The most typical codec to see is SBC, that is supported by every Bluetooth speaker. Without the best quality codec, its a virtually universal, reliable solution to transfer data. If youre an iOS user searching for higher quality, look at a speaker with AAC, or Advanced Audio Coding. When you have an Android smartdevice, decide on a speaker with aptX/aptX HD/aptX Adaptive (or LDAC) support for faster transfer rates that preserve more data.

One final thing to bear in mind when contemplating connectivity is Bluetooth range. This describes what lengths it is possible to wander from your device prior to the sound starts to obtain fuzzy and finally you obtain disconnected. In the event that you intend to never leave your speakers side, youll oftimes be fine with a connectivity range under 30 feet. However, if youre hearing music outdoors, have to go inside, and you also dont desire to leave your phone unattended, then choose a speaker with a variety above 35 feet.

What type of special features in the event you search for?

Typically, budget Bluetooth speakers lack high-flying special features, though this isnt always the case. In case a Bluetooth speaker provides custom EQ options via an app or onboard control, that is clearly a major win. Custom equalization will provide you with a lot more control over your sound and it is helpful in case you are hearing numerous kinds of mediaas you wont have to raise the bass when youre hearing Terry Gross on OXYGEN. Some inexpensive models are needs to roll out visual features first utilized by higher-end models, like bold colorways or LED panels that pulse to the beat.

Another prime feature to consider may be the elusive onboard microphone that may enable you to conduct calls or talk with voice assistants like Siri or Alexa without needing to grab your device.

What’s the smallest amount with regards to battery life?

Luckily, among the things budget Bluetooth speakers rarely sacrifice is battery life. Even at a lesser price, its unlikely youll stumbled upon a model which has significantly less than a 10-hour charge and several can do better still. For infrequent listening at moderate volume, 10 hours of playback could last you up to week, however, the louder you play your music, the faster battery life will deplete. In case a speaker boasts 13 hours of consistent playback, you can find something nearer to 7-10 hours if youre blasting EDM forever long. Party throwers and party-goers should choose a model that has a battery that may last over 12 hours.

How will you know if your allowance Bluetooth speaker is in fact waterproof?

The only method to ensure your speaker is waterproof (or dustproof) would be to look at its IP rating. If youve ever purchased a portable speaker before or tested among our other reviews, youll understand that IP rating is among the most significant specs to look at before buying. This is also true once you learn you need to prioritize outdoor use. If you prefer a speaker to safely take one to the beach or in to the showermake sure you investigate how well its already protected from sun and rain.

IP means Ingress Protection, which lets you know precisely how fortified an electric device is against dirt, dust, and water. These ratings are usually made up of two numbers, or one number and an X. We often cite the Wonderboom 2, a tried-and-true favorite, with regards to durability. The Wonderboom 2 comes with an IP67 rating. The initial digit describes particle protection, the next liquid. The 6 indicates it could keep out most dust and dirt particles, as the 7 means it could be submerged in around 1 meter of water for 30 minutes before any damage occurs, rendering it an excellent option for poolside tunes. The bigger the quantity, the more protected your speakers will undoubtedly be from debris and water. For this reason it is possible to often discover the Wonderboom poolside, or hanging off a showerhead.

You might find an IP that replaces particle protection having an X, written as IPX7, for instance. An X instead of a range means no data can be acquired for that substance, or rather that the machine isn’t protected from that substance.

The very best budget Bluetooth speakers: Reviews & Recommendations

Best overall: Anker Soundcore 3

Why it made the cut: The Soundcore 3 is really a well-rounded, budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker having an impressive 24 hours of battery life and the choice to improve the bass without distortion.


  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • Bluetooth Range: Around 66 feet
  • IP Rating: IPX7
  • Size: 6.9 x 2.4 x 2.2 inches


  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Sound Quality
  • Bass Up technology
  • Customizable EQ


  • Simplistic design
  • Voice assistant capability is lacking

The Soundcore 3 is really a robust, portable Bluetooth speaker that wont cost an arm and a leg rendering it the very best budget Bluetooth speaker overall. Obtainable in four colors, this powerful unit utilizes 16 watts of capacity to push dual 1.5-inch drivers with titanium diaphragms. Meanwhile, dual passive radiators match improved BassUp technology to investigate music in real-time and work to punch up the low-end throughout your favorite bass-driven songs. Alongside BassUp, you can find three additional preset EQs it is possible to pick from, or customize your personal utilizing the Soundcore app. The treble on the Soundcore 3 stretches completely around 40kHz. Bluetooth 5.0 supplies a consistently stable connection and PartyCast compatibility means it is possible to link around 100 Soundcore speakers for a really impressive selection of sound. To obtain a full battery faster, this speaker charges via USB-C, and the 24-hour battery life beats more costly models. While $55 isnt the steepest cost in the event that you needed an upgraded, an IPX7 rating means you wont need to worry about water damage and mold in the event that you get caught in the torrential rain or drop it in the pool.And when youre definitely likely to fill an outdoor patio with friends, theres also the Anker Soundcore Flare Mini, an outdoor-friendly speaker that provides 360-degree sound, a pulsing LED halo, and IPX7all for under $50.

Best for bass: Sony SRS-XB13

Why it made the cut: The SRS-XB13 is really a compact, portable waterproof speaker that automatically improves the bass for party-worthy sound wherever you’re.


  • Battery Life: 16 hours
  • Bluetooth Range: Around 32 feet
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Size: 3.43 x 3.43 x 4.41 inches


  • Removable strap
  • UV coating
  • 5 cool colorways
  • Extra Bass


  • Extra bass isnt adjustable

If youre searching for a compact speaker weighing significantly less than 1 pound and costing significantly less than $50, but dont desire to sacrifice bass-booming sound, then your SRS-XB13 is the greatest bass Bluetooth speaker for you personally. With a 20Hz 20kHz frequency response and a separate passive radiator to bolster low-end, your music wont be found lacking with regards to heart-thumping beats. An IP67 rating means its protected from water and debris, so that you can toss it into your beach bag without fretting about sand engaging in the speaker grill. Obtainable in five modern colors, each unit has a matching multiway strap, so that you can easily carry the speaker in the event that you go out of room in your backpack, or hang it up for quick access at a pool party. Having an extra XB13 speaker, it is possible to enable stereo mode and a USB-C port means it is possible to charge quickly to help keep the party going forever long.

Best waterproof: UE Wonderboom 2

Why it made the cut: The Wonderboom 2 is among the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers around even though compared to more costly options.


  • Battery Life: 13 hours
  • Bluetooth Range: Around 100 feet
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Size: 3.68 x 3.68 x 4.02 inches


  • Waterproof
  • Sound Quality
  • Portability


  • No auxiliary connection
  • No onboard skip back

The Wonderboom 2 is still one of well known speakers up to now. Its the best way to take your sound with one to any place it is possible to think of. Allow it bob past you when you lounge in the pool, clip it to your backpack for a weekend camping trip, or just absorb the sound when you relax in the tub. The Wonderboom 2 isn’t only waterproof but particle proof, and that means you dont have to be worried about sand, dirt, or dust causing any damage. On the audio front, two 40mm active drivers and two passive radiators deliver a frequency selection of 75Hz 20kHz. The 360-degree sound is equally robust, hitting around 87 dB in volume with Outdoor Boost mode. It weighs significantly less than 1 pound and includes a flexible looped handle so that you can clip it on your backpack for just about any adventure. With a battery life as high as 13 hours, youll obtain the most from your day and some, particularly if you have the ability to snag two, enabling you to pair and play in true stereo sound. Thats plenty of speakers at under $100. If youre considering the best for the shower speakers, the Wonderboom 2 is tops. Anyone attempting to economize while they splish-splash, though, may also think about the INSMY C12, that may enable you to hear your jams throughout a tranquil soak or higher the roar of the jacuzzi and all at under $35.

Best for travel: JBL Clip 3

Why it made the cut: The JBL Clip 3 is really a stalwart with regards to travel speakers; the included carabiner easily clips onto any backpack, belt loop, and moreplus you wont sacrifice with regards to volume.


  • Battery Life: 10 hours
  • Bluetooth Range: Approx 35 feet
  • IP Rating: IPX7
  • Size: 4.33 x 2.7 x 4.30 inches


  • Waterproof
  • Carabiner clip
  • Obtainable in over 10 colors


  • Without the low-end

The Clip 3 is the greatest small Bluetooth speaker for individuals who desire to spend significantly less than $50 and stick to the go. It really is specifically designed to visit with you, weighing not even half a pound and featuring a metal carabiner to clip to a backpack or belt loop, a waterproof IPx7 rating, and rubber housing that delivers shock absorption. Although it utilizes a somewhat outdated Bluetooth 4.1, the noise and echo-canceling speakerphone and built-in microphone could keep you connected when youre on the road, and the connectivity range is solid at roughly 10 meters (or 35 feet). With a 120Hz 20kHz response range, the bass is less powerful than it will be with a more substantial speaker, however the mids and highs come through loud and clear. Onboard controls enable you to play, pause, skip, and adjust the quantity; they also enable you to grab or end calls. The Clip 3 comes in 12 colors and you could even design your personal on the JBL website, causeing this to be tiny but mighty speaker an ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts. If youre in a position to extend your allowance to around $80, JBL released the Clip 4 just over twelve months agoit has improved connectivity with Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C charging, and an IP67 rating.

Best budget: Oontz Angle 3

Why it made the cut: Having an impressive connectivity range, solid battery life, and a large number of positive reading user reviews, the Oontz Angle 3 is an excellent speaker for all those seeking to spend significantly less than $35.


  • Battery Life: 14 hours
  • Bluetooth Range: Approx. 100 feet
  • IP Rating: IPX5
  • Size: 5.3 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches


  • Extended Connectivity Range
  • Price
  • Stereo Drivers


  • Not fully environment proof
  • Limited onboard controls
  • Sound quality is merely okay

As the Angle 3 isnt touting many great features, it has what you ought to take tunes with you on the run. Its got 10 watts that power acoustic stereo drivers, in addition to a passive radiatorall wrapped up in 10 different colorways. Built with Bluetooth 5.0, this wedge-like speaker delivers a solid connection across 100 feet and works with with most up to date devices. Using its IPX5 rating, you wont desire to toss this model in to the pool, nevertheless, you dont have to worry about several splashes or drops of rain. As the volume is obviously there, dont expect a whole lot with regards to wide stereo, booming bass, or true clarity across mids and highs. Itll do just fine for lite listening on the run, nonetheless it wont necessarily endure other, more costly models. That said, in the event that you just need something thats far better silence, the Angle 3 must do the secret.

Best party speaker: Tribit XSound Mega

Why it made the cut: Boosted bass, additional EQ presents, and a veritable light show deliver a high-end listening experience at an acceptable price.


  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • Bluetooth Range: Around 98 feet
  • IP Rating: IPX7
  • Size: 10.66 x 3.42 x 3.14 inches


  • 3 listening modes
  • Dual charging/powerbank ports
  • Music-activated lighting
  • Carrying strap


  • Some distortion at high volumes
  • Pricier

If youre having a gathering with an increase of people youre likely to want more sound, and that could mean spending a bit more, so heres the very best Bluetooth party speaker if your allowance can stretch slightly above $100. The Tribit XSound Mega, released in early January, follows the waterproof, outdoor-friendly XSound Surf and slightly better, though still ultraportable XSound Go models with an identical form factor but significant upgrades with regards to sound quality and overall look.

Right from the box, the Mega feels sleeker than a few of its contemporaries with a texturized rubber surface thats an easy task to grip, a black speaker grill, a discrete brand label, and smooth, integrated onboard controls. These seven intuitive buttons control power, Bluetooth pairing, play/pause, volume down, volume up, light adjustment, and EQ adjustment. Directly within the EQ Mode button are three indicators which will let you know which mode has been triggered: options include XBass, Music, and Audiobooks. Behind the speaker is really a rubber panel housing USB-A and USB-C ports for charging/using the 8000mAh battery as a powerbank to fill up other devices, plus an AUX input. The included carrying strap is black and grey with silver hardware and two small carabiners easily clip onto the discrete embedded handles, which certainly helps shoulder the speakers 2.2 pounds. The visual pice de rsistance may be the frame of LEDs that surrounds leading face of the speakera rainbow gradient of light that slowly cycles through colors when you pair your device.

Bluetooth 5.0 pairing is easy and easy, following standard protocol of all speakers. The Mega can be built with NFC (Near-Field Communication), this is actually the same technology which allows one to tap your phone at a point-of-purchase to utilize ApplePay or Android Pay. NFC eliminates the necessity to push buttons and scroll through settings by enabling you to simply tap your speaker and phone together to determine a secure connection. Unfortunately, Apple hasnt equipped some of their phones with controllable NFC modes, so that you can only benefit from this function for those who have an Android or another device running Windows 10 or more. The ultimate pairing option it is possible to consider is Broadcast Mode, that may permit you to link a lot more than 100 XSound Megas together for a lift in volume or stereo playback.

With regards to sound quality, this Tribit speaker gets the thump or even the clarity and soundstage of comparable models, just like the JBL Charge 5, JBL Flip 5, or Treblab HD77. An extraordinary 30 watts powers a driver with a pure titanium diaphragm, which combines with two passive radiators to replicate low frequencies to 45Hz and high frequencies around 14kHz. Audiobook mode successfully isolates the dulcet tones of Jim Dale, who you may recognize because the reader of the Harry Potter series, although audio will get just a little muddy in case you are hearing a music- or sound design-heavy podcast. However, Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegans sultry vocals and staccato keys on Come Undone are smooth and clear when Music mode is triggered. The low-end on Subtrakts Wildfire is big and bold when XBass is engaged, delivering a party-appropriate degree of thump to obtain things not having overpowering the vocals. The quantity can reach over 100 dB however, many distortion occurs when pushed to its max, though that’s to be likely from the speaker of the size.

Among well known features may be the light display, which flashes with time with the beat of anything you are playing. It is possible to select from different alternatives: a continuing oval of rainbow lacing glowing round the speaker grills perimeter; colors pulsing rhythmically in a symmetrical left/right or top/bottom pair, almost mimicking the metering youd see on a recording studio console or DAW; or perhaps a circuit traveling the display track changing color, accelerating and slowing with time with the beat. You can even forgo the light display altogether, but a 20-hour battery life keeps all that flair from fading fast.

While this model is really a little more expensive than other budget-friendly models, you’ll certainly get everything you pay for with regards to audio quality and special features.


Q: Whats the very best Bluetooth speaker brand?

The very best Bluetooth speaker brand is widely debated and can certainly be determined by your specific needs and preferences. Bang & Olufsen are recognized for turning out high-end products with excellent sound quality. Sonos continues to top the charts with regards to in-home connectivity. For more rugged, portable models well known brands need to be Ultimate Ears and JBL, both which have products that claimed top spots in this post.

Q: Which speaker is most beneficial, JBL or Sony?

With regards to finding budget Bluetooth speakers, JBL will offer you more variety. They will have a diverse selection of budget-friendly options in a variety of sizes, with distinctive features, like the JBL Clip 4 and JBL Go 3. These JBL models are compact, travel-friendly units made to move with you. Currently, Sony only has one Bluetooth speaker under $90, the SRS-XB13a model we love, nevertheless, you may be better off searching elsewhere for inexpensive speakers. Go back to Sony if your allowance gets a little higher, or in the event that you start the seek out other techy treats, just like a new television or game console.

Q: That is better, JBL or Bose Bluetooth speaker?

Like the JBL versus Sony debate above, JBL continues ahead from top with regards to affordable options. Bose will not now have a model, the SoundLink Micro, that regularly retails at under $119. However, in the event that you plan on searching for a high-end speaker, soundbar, or home system later on, Bose is obviously a brandname worth investigating.

Summary on choosing the right budget Bluetooth speakers

You dont have to beat your budget to locate a Bluetooth speaker that may satisfy your sonic needs. There are many options on the market that you could take with one to the park, beach, or nearest house party without breaking the lender. Generally speaking, a cheap speaker wont have all of the great features a fancier model might, nevertheless, you can still tune into your preferred audiobooks, podcasts, and playlistswhich, by the end of your day, is all a Bluetooth speaker is made to do.

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