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Best car batteries of 2022

Published Sep 3, 2022 1: 00 PM

From probably the most affordable subcompact out there to probably the most advanced electric vehicles, all cars have a very important factor in keeping: a 12-volt battery. That battery is indeed important that it could even keep a completely charged electric car from starting, not forgetting the more prevalent gas-powered cars in the united states today. Although most common time and energy to start seriously researching, and searching for an automobile battery is frequently your day it enables you to down, it is possible to have a proactive step today and learn a little more concerning the best car batteries for the situation.

How exactly we find the best car batteries

With regards to car batteries there were improvements through the years but, overall, theyve stayed relatively uniform in form and function. Not absolutely all are manufactured equally, however, and the pricing reflects that. Or, if youre like me, and youve had to use the jumper cables again for exactly the same project car, then your time and energy to replace that car battery (and perhaps fix various other problems) is currently, which explains why I assembled options to cover an array of use cases. While deciding batteries I took into consideration customer reviews, brand reliability, warranty quality, and battery specifications. Most of these factors played into why these five brands made the cut. It is possible to sure manage with any old battery from the nearest auto parts store, but whatever they will have on the shelf that fits might not be the very best battery to use.

To obtain as near an apples-to-apples I worked from the common 65 Group Size, which fits my 10-year-old Ford F-150. With most brands my truck required an AGM battery (more on that below), nevertheless, you can often stretch your budget if youre shopping on the worthiness end of things by obtaining a regular flooded-acid battery instead. Whichever way you go, the very best car batteries could keep you from getting stranded at the worst possible time.

Points to consider before investing in a car battery

Theres grounds behind the multiple tiers in the automobile battery world. If your vehicle has auto start/stop, or you understand youll execute a large amount of short trips, a battery thats made to withstand this type of use is vital. In the event that you drive a concise economy car in mild weather, with a charging system thats in tip-top shape, and you also drive long enough to ensure the battery stays topped off, then something with less reserve and a lesser cold-cranking amp rating is really a safe bet.

Forms of batteries

Almost all car batteries are some form of lead/acid battery. The most famous belong to two camps: traditional flooded lead-acid and absorbent glass mat (aka AGM). Then you can find lithium-ion batteries, which are beginning to make their way in to the automotive world. The lithium-ion batteries are by far probably the most expensive, but theyre also pretty darn cool. That said, for many people, some form of lead-acid battery will offer you the best mix of value and features.

The specifications that matter

In the event that you reside in a temperate climate that sees a small number of cool days but stays above freezing, and below 100 F, you then as well as your car battery come in for a straightforward life. However, in the event that you live somewhere, especially somewhere that dips well below freezing, then your right car battery could be a vitally important section of your vehicle. Batteries tend to be rated with two different cranking amp ratings: Cranking Amps (CA) at 32 F and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) at 0 F. In the event that you start to see the mid-20s most winters, you dont have to shop with much hand towards as much CCAs as possible afford. That said, in the event that you spend the complete month of January below 0 F most yearsand I could personally attest to just how much fun that isthen CCAs certainly are a number you need to focus on.

Another important number is reserve capacity, that is the quantity of time the battery can run the stereo and the headlights (aka, 25 amps) at 80 F prior to the battery drops right down to 10.5 volts. If it dips too low, in that case your car doesnt start again from then on extended jam session to your preferred artist.

The very best car batteries: Reviews & Recommendations

Best overall: DieHard Platinum AGM

Why it made the cut: The DieHard brand is among the best names in the market, and their Platinum AGM is really as green as lead-acid batteries come.


  • Weight: 42.5 lbs
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 750A
  • Type: AGM
  • Reserve: 120 min
  • Warranty: 3 year


  • Enough capacity to take care of multiple accessories
  • Two hours of reserve capacity
  • Obtainable in all common sizes


  • Costly AGM design not essential for several cars
  • Warranty shorter than cheaper batteries

I knew I needed to add a DieHard battery in this list and, when you will be well served by way of a Gold or Platinum, the Platinum AGM took the very best spot for a couple reasons. First, the price was no more than $30 between it and the Gold when you compare the F-150 battery size. Second, the AGM design means itll endure better still to high electrical demands, and would handle a stop-start system easily. To top it off, DieHard (rightly) brags a little that this and something other battery within their lineup are manufactured from at the least 94% recycled materials. Lead and acid arent the friendliest materials on earth, so its nice to learn this battery is recycled whenever you can.

The downsides include cost and warranty length. If cost is really a major concern for you personally then you might save several dollars by dropping right down to a DieHard Silver, which dropped to under $200 in my own application. Though, even thats nowhere near my value pick. Then, though three years for a free of charge replacement is longer than some batteries, DieHards non-AGM Platinum is warrantied for four years and is less overall.

Best green/most sustainable: Antigravity Lithium Batteries

Why it made the cut: Leaving lead and acid can only just be a positive thing over time, which batterys feature set really puts it prior to the competition.


  • Weight: 11.7 lbs
  • Cranking Amps: 1200A(didn’t list CCA)
  • Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Reserve: 30 amp Hours
  • Warranty: 5 year


  • Incredibly light
  • A great deal of cranking amps
  • RE-START tech means no dead battery


  • Expensive by any standard
  • Limited by certain applicationsfor now

Antigravity Batteries markets several lines of lithium-ion batteries, from powersports to race-car applications. Lithium-Ion is among the hottest battery types available today for from smartphones to jump starters, but its relatively not used to car batteries. Compared to the often 40-pound lead bricks which were used to, getting 1,200 cranking amps out of a sub-12-pound battery seems miraculous. Indeed, it will be for traditional tech, which this battery isn’t. The coolest feature for me, and one that piques my interest probably the most, is their RE-START feature, that your battery utilizes to send itself into hibernation so that it always has enough energy to start out the car. Should this happen it is possible to push a button on an integral fob, or on the battery itself, and start the automobile.

On the downside, these batteries are costly. Really expensive. You can buy two of the other picks (or even more) and youd be getting close. Then, theres the question of availability. For the present time, they will have a robust collection of motorcycle and race-car-sized batteries. The main one I linked out to would fit a Honda Civic, Mazda Miata, or perhaps a Nissan GT-R, but notably no older Ford F-150. This does serve a good little bit of logic because motorcycle and race car drivers might stand to get more by reducing weight compared to the drive of a 5,000-plus-pound pickup.

Best warm weather: Odyssey Extreme

Why it made the cut: Once the weather pushes the mercury way up, then your Odyssey Extreme is preparing to take heat and continue cranking.


  • Weight: 54 lbs
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 950A
  • Type: AGM
  • Reserve: 145 min
  • Warranty: 4 year


  • Huge operating temperature range
  • Nearly three hours of reserve capacity
  • Created for frequent discharges


  • Not small, expensive

Odysseys Extreme type of batteries is made to withstand not merely extremely hot conditions but extreme cold aswell. This battery also nearly cinched the very best winter pick but got edged from underneath end by the Optima. The Odyssey, however, blows the Red Top out from the water for tolerance of hot temperatures: its rated from -40 F completely up to sweltering 176 F. That needs to be a lot of capacity even for hot days and hot engine bays. This battery is big, heavy, and generates a huge amount of power too. The 950 CCA rating is impressive alone, however the battery may also released 1,750 amps for five seconds when hot. That, and its own design, allows it to be deep cycled around 400 times.

Though, all that capability does come at a cost. The F-150-sized Odyssey Extreme rang set for nearly $400, putting it into uncomfortable territory if youre used to spending around $100 on a battery from Walmart (like me). If your use case puts you in a few of the very most extreme hot temperatures around, a battery rated for this is crucial.

Best winter: Optima Red Top

Why it made the cut: Optima is well-known for making great batteries, and even though the Red Top is billed because the brands standard-use-case battery, its the very best battery we’re able to find for bitterly winter.


  • Weight: 37.9 lbs
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 800A
  • Type: AGM
  • Reserve: 100 min
  • Warranty: 3 year


  • Rated right down to -50 F!
  • Non-spillable design
  • Resists damage from vibration well


  • Expensive
  • Short warranty for cost

Optima makes the best, & most recognizable, batteries available. The Red Top is their starting battery and is preferred for used in their customers more normal vehicles. In other words, in case you have an incredible audio system, a race car, or something unusual, the Yellow Top may be the one they recommend. But, with regards to winter performance, the Red Top takes the cake using its rating of -50 F when fully charged to 12.6-12.8 volts. In the battery is really a combination of sulfuric acid and distilled water. The water can freeze and the temperature it freezes at changes based on the state of charge of the battery. So, at full charge, the Red Top can withstand some pretty frigid temperatures! Possibly the most important facet of winter starting is maintaining your battery fully charged, particularly when temps drop.

The Optima Red Top is an excellent battery, and the purchase price reflects that too. The Red Top is roughly consistent with other AGM batteries for instance F-150, albeit toward the very best end, but below the Odyssey Extreme in cost. The Red Top also posesses three-year warranty, that is shorter than a few of the options, but longer than others.

Best budget: EverStart

Why it made the cut: Sometimes you merely require a battery today nevertheless, you dont desire to spend a lot of money, and at those times Walmarts EverStart brand can be your battery.


  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 750A
  • Type: AGM
  • Reserve: 120 min
  • Warranty: 4 year


  • Often obtainable in store
  • Usually the least expensive option
  • Obtainable in all common sizes


  • AGM very little significantly less than other brands
  • Cheapest batteries as yet not known for longevity

The EverStart brand is carried by Walmart and sold through the companys website and in-store. These batteries can be found in several grades and in every the normal sizes and configurations. Need an AGM? They will have it. Want the absolute cheapest battery you can get? They will have that too. That one was a little trickier for me personally to arrange an assessment. Group Size 65 ties in my example F-150, but their battery selection tool explained the EverStart Value wouldnt easily fit into my truck. That battery was well under $100 and, easily was in a pinch, Id have one beneath the hood and become on my way. Though it posesses one-year warranty too.

That said, when I viewed batteries that could fit my truck I was recommended the EverStart Platinum AGM for roughly triple the cost of the worthiness battery. It had been an impression cheaper compared to the DieHard Gold but carried the same warranty and similar specs. If youre searching for value, then your EverStart batteries certainly are a good spot to look, just make certain youre taking the one-year warranty into consideration with the lowest priced ones.


Q: How do i make my vehicles battery go longer?

Making your vehicles battery last so long as possible doesnt usually take an excessive amount of effort on the way. The most crucial bit, however, is maintaining your vehicles charging and electrical system in proper operating condition. Keeping the battery charged up, rather than deeply discharging it too often often helps it go longer. Apart from the major parts, inspect it semi-regularly and clean off any corrosion you discover on the terminals, and coat them to avoid it from happening again. The corrosion inhibits charging, and discharging, of the battery and will put a strain on your own whole charging system.

Q: Just how long does an automobile battery last?

The amount of time a battery lasts often directly pertains to how well youve looked after it and, unfortunately, just how much you allocated to it. Spend $50 on an inexpensive one with a one-year warranty and its own improbable to last you four years. Everything else being equal, a far more expensive battery usually lasts longer aswell.

Q: How exactly to charge an automobile battery?

You can find two main methods to charge an automobile battery: having an external charger sufficient reason for your vehicle itself. Nearly all external chargers on the market today are automatic, or smart, however they just throttle down the amperage predicated on just how much the battery can accept at confirmed time. Though they may be frustrating if they dont work like we wish them to, they often times prevent batteries from overheating and exploding, that is a possibility with older manual chargers. In the event that you dont have a charger then you can certainly be sure to replenish your cars battery by taking a longer drive, for perhaps 30 minutes roughly, which (assuming the charging system is working properly) provides car the required time to totally charge the battery. In the event that you only have several short trips in your week, no usage of an external charger, then mixing in an extended drive might help.

Q: Exactly what is a cold cranking amps rating?

Battery manufacturers purchased the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating to accomplish plenty of bragging, but also for the majority of the country, its not at all something we have to give so much weight to. You see, Cranking Amps may be the output of the battery at 32 Fwhen water freezes into ice. Cold Cranking Amps may be the measurement for just how much the battery can released at 0 F. There undoubtedly are places that see 0 and belowIve lived therebut if your winter only dips in to the 20s you then probably dont have to spend the excess money to obtain a few hundred more CCAs.

Q: How do you know easily require a new car battery?

Unfortunately, there often isnt much warning from your own car if you want a fresh car battery. My experience has usually been normal operation till the dreaded click click click from the starter. The main one exception is if you have a complete discharge incident but have the ability to charge the battery and recover normal operation. Particularly if youre owning a more inexpensive battery like I often do, these kinds of thingslike leaving the lights on overnightoften spell the finish of a battery. Once batteries are fully discharged like this, down to just a couple stray electrons, you must get seriously interested in getting a replacement, as the damage has been done plus they often fail unexpectedly afterward.

Summary on the very best car batteries

Obtaining the right car battery could make the difference when youre coping with a few of the extremes the united states can throw at you. As you start researching and searching for a battery, consider where youll be spending the majority of your time, just how much you value a free of charge replacement warranty, and just how much it is possible to spend. If you opt to buy among the car batteries with this list make certain youre spending money on the features you will need, rather than wasting money on things you dont.

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