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Best PlayStation 5 accessories in 2022

The very best PlayStation 5 accessories help enhance and upgrade your gaming sessions, enabling you to enjoy all of the great games you have without needing to take as much breaks among, and be better when establishing. The PlayStation 4 had plenty of great accessories, and lots of them still use the PS5. With so many new accessories developing, too, how can you find a very good PlayStation 5 accessories for the gaming needs? Thats why weve come up with this handy guide to assist you locate the accessories that produce probably the most sense for the setup.

Investing in a new console is section of the process, though, and decking out your kit with an excellent controller, charging station, and also an excellent headset can all help level up your gaming setup. Youll also desire to look out for a few great storage options, because the PlayStation 5s internal storage isnt big enough to download a huge amount of games without needing to uninstall someand nobody likes needing to choose.

Whether youre searching for a new headset that takes benefit of the PS5s 3D audio or simply searching for a new controller charger, its time and energy to jump in to the best PlayStation 5 accessories. Additionally, it is possible to check out our guide on the best PS5 games which means you know very well what to pair your brand-new accessories with.

Best PS5 Headset: Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

The Sony Pulse 3D headset might not be probably the most advanced headset on the market, but its a fantastic choice for individuals who want an excellent 3D audio experience.

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Sony PULSE 3D Wireless Headset

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  • Supports 3D audio
  • Comfortable and light
  • Decent battery life


  • Takes a dongle
  • Limited adjustments for smaller heads

There are a great number of headset options on the market for the PlayStation 5, particularly if you include all those from the PS4 generation. But, if youre searching for the very best PlayStation 5 accessories, then your headset youre searching for may be the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless headset. It’s not only comfortable and light, however the headset also supports Sonys new 3D audio, that is a big section of all of the new games the business has been pushing from its next-gen console.

This headset is totally wireless, because of a dongle that plugs into your PS5, also it grants you around 12 hours of gaming time. We wish there is a method to charge it when you use it, or simply to utilize it with a wire once you arent in the mood for wireless, however the build-in 3D audio support is something you need to experience to totally understand. The built-in microphone can be clear for a headset mic, and the entire audio quality is something youll arrived at love once you begin using it. Additionally, in the event that you dont just like the appear and feel of the Sony Pulse 3D, it is possible to check out our guide on the best PS5 headsets for more options.

Best PS5 Controller: Hexgaming PS5 Rival Controller

Hexgaming PS5 Rival Controller

Dont mind spending some money on an excellent controller? The Hexgaming PS5 Rical controller may be the ideal solution.

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Hexgaming Rival PS5 controller

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  • Multiple customization options
  • Improves on original DualSense
  • Mappable paddles and thumbsticks

The DualSense controller is a good controller alone, but what goes on once you add the choice to totally customize the appearance and feel of this controller to meet up your needs better still? Thats where in fact the Hexgaming PS5 Rival controller will come in. This controller includes a completely customizable appear and feel. It is possible to change virtually anything concerning the controller, like the kind of thumbsticks, and also how tall they’re.

One of the most important elements of the Hexgaming PS5 Rival controller may be the inclusion of mappable paddles which can be mapped to the other buttons on your own controller. That is ideal for users who would like to increase their capability to mash the X button or any button for example. You may also change out the thumbsticks anytime, that makes it ideal for those that have to mix things up based on the game theyre playing. Hexgaming also only uses official PS5 controllers to generate their customized controllers, therefore you arent dropping lots of money on a rip-off.

Really the only downside this is actually the price. But, if youre searching for the very best PS5 controller to compliment your setup, then Hexgamings offerings are really worth the cost. You can buy one of the already customized options, or begin from scratch and make your own.

Best Internal Storage Expansion for PS5: WD_BLACK SN850 SSD


If youre seeking to expand on the inner storage in your PlayStation 5, then your WD_BLACK SN850 SSD is just about the best option at this time.

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BGR may get a commission


  • Multiple storage options
  • Around 7,000 MB/s read speed
  • Compact form fits great in PS5


  • Requires dismantling PS5 to set up

One of the primary selling points of the PS5 is its faster load times, which work in tandem with the consoles updated internal storage drive. Changing out your consoles hard disk drive is a thing for a long time, however now, users who wish to really up their game can consider purchasing an interior SSD just like the WD_Black SN850, as Sony finally updated the PS5 to utilize M.2 SSDs back July.

With multiple storage options and support for 7,000 MB/s read speeds, the WD_Black SN850 can be an absolute beast of an SSD, and something that any gamer will be lucky to possess within their console. In order to have the ability to use a large amount of games but still make use of the increased loading times that the PS5 offers, then grabbing an excellent SSD is the greatest strategy to use about any of it. While an interior storage device is probably not an average thing to see on a summary of the very best PlayStation 5 accessories, few peripherals could make such a big difference in the way you enjoy your gaming time on the PS5 compared to the storage drive.

Needless to say, youre have to to be at the very least just a little tech-savvy, as taking apart your console isnt an easy process. If youre comfortable pulling the surface off your PS5, though, you can include plenty of space for storage to one’s body without needing to be worried about losing the huge benefits the already included SSD brings. In the event that you actually want to go big, it is possible to always obtain the WD_Black SN850 having an included heatsink, to greatly help defend against any thermal throttling.

Best External Storage Expansion for PS5: WD_BLACK P50 1TB External SSD

WD_BLACK P50 1TB External SSD

In the event that you dont desire to start your PlayStation but nonetheless desire to expand on its storage, then your WD_BLACK P50 may be the drive for you personally

BGR may get a commission

WD_Black P50 SSD

BGR may get a commission


  • Around 2,000 MB/s read speed
  • An easy task to install
  • Full appropriate for PlayStation consoles


  • Cant play PS5 games from external storage

In the event that you arent comfortable taking your PS5 apart to include in a fresh SSD, you then dont need to accept installing and uninstalling games from your own console constantly. Sony has managed to get possible to go games in the middle of your internal storage drive and an external drive, this means pairing your PS5 with something similar to the WD_Black P50 Game Drive might help alleviate those downloads you’ll have to be worried about otherwise.

With this particular external SSD, which supports around 2,000 MB/s read speed, it is simple to move games in the middle of your internal and external storage and save well on your internal bandwidth. The WD_Black P50 can be a slick-looking external SSD, this means it wont put in a clunky turn to your entertainment setup, and you will even slip it behind it or something to help keep hidden and soon you require it.

Best Charging Station for PS5: HyperX ChargePlay Duo for PlayStation 5

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  • Charge two controllers simultaneously
  • Controllers easily click in


  • Doesnt charge other accessories

Having great controllers is not any use in the event that you cant charge them. When you can plug the DualSense controllers into your console right to strengthen their battery, why wouldnt you spend money on something that makes it simple to just drop your controller onto it and just forget about it? The HyperX ChargePlay Duo for PlayStation 5 is strictly that sort of peripheral.

At only $30, you obtain the opportunity to charge two DualSense wireless controllers are onetime, along with an easy-to-use drop-in system that means it is an easy task to tell once the controller is plugged in and charging. In addition, it looks excellent close to the PlayStation 5 and compliments the initial design perfectly. So, if youre sick and tired of needing to keep wires hanging from your own consoles USB ports, the ChargePlay Duo is preparing to assist you to clean things up and keep your controllers charged up and all set if you are.

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