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Best satellite phones of 2022

Updated Aug 19, 2022 4: 30 PM

Harnessing a satellite phone connection can offer you with communication anywhere on the world. Utilizing a satellite enables you to talk to family and friends, whether youre hiking in remote areas, sailing, flying, or simply desire to be prepared in the event of an all natural disaster. While cellphones and smartphones provide connections in major cities and towns, theyre influenced by terrestrial towers. In the event of an all natural disaster, cellphone networks could be overloaded or at the mercy of structural damage. With among the best satellite phones, your connection would depend on satellites in space, so following a disaster as well as if youre just planing a trip to the far corners of the planet earth, youll have the ability to stay connected.

Satellite phones may be used for voice calls, texting, and also basic emails to help keep in contact. They enable emergency preparedness by issuing SOS distress signals, GPS locations, directions, and emergency weather alerts. Some sat phone packages have a satellite-based Wi-Fi hub which will enable your smartphone to work in locations that dont have cellphone connections. Some satellite phone packages even enable broadband usage of the web. To compare phones and find out that is right for you personally, weve selected among the best satellite phones out there to help keep you safe and connected.

How exactly we find the best satellite phones

When venturing off the beaten path, communication often means the difference between hanging around and a rough misadventure. We viewed reviews, recommendations, consulted outdoor enthusiasts and experts, and conducted heavy research for the best satellite phonesbecause theres comfort in knowing it is possible to always call home.

What things to consider when purchasing the best satellite phones

While satellite phones wont substitute your smartphone for everyday use, they part of and provide communication solutions for use when cellphone service isnt possible. Sat phones were created for international travelbut check the countries policies in advance: is access allowed while off-the-grid camping and hiking, for use on boats or on recreational aircraft. The very best satellite phones were created with off-the-grid used in mind and really should be rugged, waterproof, and durable.

While connections are possible in every remote locations, the opportunity to receive signals could be hindered by buildings, roofs, and shelters, or heavy tree coverage. Many manufacturers have solved this problem and provide packages that can include antennas to utilize externally of structures or buildings, vehicles, boats, as well as in the cockpit of an airplane.

Use case

In order to remain safe and connected when aiming for off-the-grid outdoor adventures, you will require a little, lightweight satellite phone thats setup to offer all of the features you should remain safe. The very best satellite communicator for wilderness adventures will undoubtedly be rugged and waterproof, and invite for easy messaging in addition to an SOS distress contact case of emergency.

Selecting a satellite communicator designed for outdoor adventures means youll likewise have usage of useful extra features. Companies like Garmin offer top-of-the-line GPS support, extra maps, topographic information, and safety advice for several forms of rough terrain. Better brands offer excellent customer care in addition to handy online language resources.

Messaging vs. calling

Once you travel or continue outside adventures, it could not be essential to have a completely loaded sat phone. Deciding on a far more basic satellite communication solution does mean saving cash. Youve already got a smartphonewhat you will need is another layer of communication safety beyond your cellphone zone. If you need to keep it simple, look at a satellite GPS messenger. The unit enable you to send messages to friends and family, permitting them to know you’re safe, and possess important extra safety features like GPS location and SOS signals.

Text & voice calling bundles

The very best satellite phone bundle can not only add a reliable, durable, easy-to-use phone, nonetheless it also needs to offer voice calling, texting, and email messaging. The very best phones add a reliable large global network with 24/7 tech support team. Packages will include all you have to to use and obtain going without any extra purchases.

Helpful features to consider include different power adapters that enable used in locations across the world. The very best sat phone bundles also offer you flexibility. You ought to be in a position to select from a monthly plan or perhaps a prepaid SIM cardif you merely will use the telephone a couple of months out from the year, youre not stuck with a big payment.

International travel

Sat phones certainly are a smart solution when traveling outside your house country. (Make sure to check the policies of the united states youre visiting before bringing one: Theyre illegal occasionally.) The very best satellite phone for international travel is simple to create and has a prepaid SIM card. That provides you the satisfaction which you can use the telephone quickly irrespective of where you’re without fretting about cellphone carriers or reception. Search for phones offering reliable voice and call connectivity, along with emergency signals. International travel often goes to places where you cant be certain what things to expect, and a sat phone offers safety and protection, combined with the security of realizing that you wont be unreachable.


If satellite phone cost is really a factor, look at a more basic satellite communication device. Fully loaded satellite phones can cost you around $1,000, not forgetting the excess cost for SIM cards or monthly service plans. Economical solutions keep carefully the communication basic but additionally need a monthly subscription for service.

The very best budget satellite communicator enables you to text and receive texts, plus some even offer apps that allow your phone to gain access to the satellite Wi-Fi network. Always search for added emergency features such as for example SOS alerts and GPS coordinates.

The very best satellite phones: Reviews & Recommendations

From traversing craggy ledges and vast green hillsides to phoning home whilst travelling internationally, the very best satellite phones can perform it all. Listed below are our picks which will keep you in contact wherever you go.

Best overall: Garmin inReach Mini GPS

Why it made the cut: This satellite communicator is portable and filled with features, like interactive SOS calling, to make sure safety all over the world.


  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Battery life: 50 hours in default tracking mode; 20 days in energy saving mode
  • Battery: Internal rechargeable lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 2 x 1.3 x 3.9 inches


  • Portable
  • Fast usage of SOS
  • Plenty of battery


  • Satellite subscription necessary for use

This handy mini GPS Garmin satellite phone is ideal for packing on your own outdoor camping trips. This satellite communicator enables you to send two-way texts utilizing the Iridium satellite network. It really is appropriate for other handheld devices and you also have unlimited usage of maps and aerial images through the Garmin Earthmate app to aid your trip safely. Plus, its water-rated to IPX7 and impact-resistant, meaning its in the same way tough as the next uphill climb. Sending out an SOS message is simple because of 24/7 usage of the GEOS emergency response team. A satellite subscription is necessary for use.

Best satellite messenger: Spot 3 Satellite GPS Messenger

Why it made the cut: This simple messenger enables you to send pre-programmed messages as well as your GPS location to family members.


  • Connectivity technology: N/A
  • Battery life: 10 days
  • Battery: 4 AAA batteries; rechargeable battery compatible
  • Dimensions: 3.43 x 2.56 x 1 inches


  • User friendly
  • SOV capabilities
  • Spot Mapping app gives those in the home reassurance


  • Must purchase per year of activation

Adhere to the fundamentals and remain safe with this particular simple satellite GPS messenger. Connect to friends by sending coordinates and pre-programmed messages via satellite and remain safe in the event of emergency with GPS locators and SOS signals. In addition, it includes Save Our Vehicle (SOV) request capabilities and a track button to send and save your valuable location. Those in the home can look at where you are and progress utilizing the SPOT Mapping app. Remember that youll have to pay for per year of activation to be able to utilize this device.

Best for international travel: Inmarsat Isatphone 2.1 Satellite Phone

Why it made the cut: A great deal of battery life and dust, splash, and shock resistance means this sat phone is reliable and tough.


  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth
  • Battery life: eight hours of talk time; around 160 hours on standby
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 4 inches


  • An easy task to setup and activate
  • Comes unlocked for compatibility with multiple providers
  • Plenty of coverage area


  • Better for traveling than hiking
  • Typing on phone is tedious

The Isatphone is backed by the Inmarsat satellite network and is an excellent option for international travel. Additional features include GPS and SOS capabilities. Activate its included Bluetooth link with utilize it hands-free. Its preloaded with eight hours of talk time, around 160 hours on standby, and includes chargers, cables, and adapters. The telephone can be dust, splash, and shock resistant, meaning you dont need to be worried about breaking it while on trips on your own international adventure.

Best bundle: Iridium GO! Hiker Package

Why it made the cut: This bundle includes a great deal of adapters and a solar chargerno dead batteries here.


  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth
  • Battery life: 5.5 hours of talk time; 15.5 hours of standby
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.2 x 1.25 inches


  • Plenty of adapters
  • Prepaid SIM card included
  • Simple interface


  • Expensive

This ready-to-use satellite communicator connects to the Iridium global satellite network, which include 66 operating satellites. A prepaid SIM card with 1,000 minutes of talk time, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, travel and car chargers, international adapters, and also a solar power are all contained in the bundle. The Iridium GO! satellite communicator also connects to the Iridium GO! app for connecting five separate devices sans wires. And, its dust-proof, shock-resistant, and jet-water resistant. Make it in your backpack or mount it in an automobile

Best budget: ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

Why it made the cut: This flexible device enables you to hook up to a satellite for under $200a steal in comparison to other satellite communicators.


  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth
  • Battery life: 200 hours
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Dimensions: 3.58 x 2.6 x 1.06 inches


  • Flexibility in using satellite, WiFi, or cellular
  • Iridium satellite network access
  • Required monthly subscription is significantly less than $100 for cellular, Wi-Fi, and SOS messaging


  • Monthly subscription required

Zoleo created a little rugged device with all the current essentials for keeping you safe in remote locations. Highly regarded by many outdoor editors, this product enables you to utilize the Iridium satellite network, WiFi, or cellular service, based on whats available. A monthly subscription is necessary with cost-level options, dependant on your preferences.


Q: Are satellite phones illegal?

Satellite phones aren’t illegal in the usa however in some countries, like China and Cuba, they’re. Its vital that you research and contact the federal government of any country you might be visiting to check on their policies for use. Satellite phones have restricted used in some countries (e.g., Russia, India), and you also must get permission to utilize the unit or risk arrest. Legal restrictions come in spot to curtail any possible illegal or terrorist activities that be determined by signals that may bypass censorship and wiretapping.

Q: Just how much does it cost to get a satellite phone?

Satellite phones and satellite communication devices range in cost from $300 to over $1,000. Along with hardware costs, you will need a satellite provider for connecting the telephone for service and will buy a monthly or prepaid plan from $100 to $5,000. Based on your provider, voice calls range between $.0.15 to $2.00 one minute. Satellite calls between different satellite networks could be expensive. Review voice calls, texting, and incoming call costs together with your selected provider.

Q: MAY I turn my phone right into a satellite phone?

You’ll be able to use your smartphone as a satellite phone by investing in a SatSleeve (Satellite Sleeve) and installing the SatSleeve App. The 1st time you utilize your SatSleeve, you need to arrange it for connecting via Bluetooth. Some satellite providers (like Iridium Go!) offer packages offering a satellite phone in addition to a satellite phone hotspot which allows one to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to a satellite-backed Wi-Fi hotspot.

Summary on the very best satellite phones

The very best satellite phones will help you to roam around the world and stay connected. With rugged, waterproof designs, these to can follow you on any adventure by land, sea, or air. Connect to a prepaid SIM card, or with a monthly intend to keep safe and communicate irrespective of where you’re. In the event of emergency, sat phones will send SOS signals and GPS coordinates to ensure you return home safe. Compare phones, then get shopping!

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