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Best smart scales of 2022

Updated Jul 26, 2022 3: 38 PM

Any scale can measure your bodyweight, however the best smart scales achieve this a lot more. Most measure a number of other health indicators, including muscle tissue, surplus fat, and heartrate. They are able to also assist you to along with other people in your house monitor changes and track your progress as time passes.

How exactly we selected the very best smart scales

As a freelance journalist for over 10 years, Ive reviewed technology for publications including CNN Underscored, Popular Mechanics, Toms Guide, The Daily Beast, Architectural Digest, Apartment Therapy, The Spruce, and Bob Vila. I tested every scale but one with this list and all of those other selections derive from extensive research, recommendations from fellow tech colleagues, and reviews from other users.

What things to consider when purchasing the best smart scales

When deciding between your smart scales available, there are many things to consider:

Metrics measured

Smart scales measure a number of metrics including bone mass and surplus fat percentage, however, many measure more indicators than others. For instance, one smart scale on our list measures 10 metrics, while another offers 14. We list most of these for every smart scale so that you can determine which of the metrics are essential to you and steer clear of spending money on features youll never use.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

All smart scales either use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity plus some use both. Wi-Fi is a lot far more convenient since Bluetooth includes a specific range and is more prone to drop periodically. However, solely Bluetooth-enabled scales will probably cost a lower amount.


Some smart scales can sync with fitness apps and trackers to supply a lot more functionality like the capability to review all the results from both scale and app in a single place. However, some individuals may consider that information overload and decide that syncing with the smart scales app is enough.

Multiple users

If theres several person in your householdor if youre in an exercise group sharing exactly the same scaleyoull want a good scale that may track individual results for multiple people.Some scales enable eight, as well as 16 individual users, whereas other smart scales allow unlimited users to generate personal profiles. If youre utilizing the scale in an organization setting, unlimited users is going to be more vital that you you. However, be advised that multiple users will all utilize the same account, so that they might be able to view your individual information.

Pregnancy mode

Smart scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to supply biometric measurements. However, for expecting mothers, this is often problematic. So, if youre pregnant, youll want a good scale which will enable you to turn this feature off in the smart scales app, instead deciding on Zero-Current Mode. Also, if youre wearing a pacemaker, youll also want a good scale that may transform it off.

Batteries vs USB

Some smart scales operate on batteries, while some could be charged with a USB cable. Plus some can perform both. Similarly, avoiding disposable batteries is wonderful for the surroundings, but alternatively, batteries dont use electricity. This decision should come right down to personal preference.

The very best smart scales: Reviews & Recommendations

Best overall: WYZE Smart Scale

Why it made the cut: The Wyze Smart Scale provides impressive features for all those on a budget.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Individual profiles: 8
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Metrics: 12


  • Great price
  • Works together with Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit
  • Supports around 400 pounds
  • Permits around 8 users


  • Doesnt use Wi-Fi

The Wyze Smart Scale is the greatest smart scale overall for many people since it includes so many features at a budget-conscious price. Four floor sensors let it accurately measure your bodyweight to a tenth of a pound no matter your foot position on the scale. Along with tracking your bodyweight, in addition, it provides other body metrics, including lean muscle mass, metabolic age, percentage of surplus fat, muscle tissue, bone mass, percentage of body water, protein level, basal metabolic process, BMI (body mass index), visceral fat, and heartrate. Thats almost anything an average person could want.

Theres a Wyze app (for both iOS and Android) that you could hook up to the scale via Bluetooth and track results on your own phone, and you may also sync the scale with other popular fitness apps, such as for example Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Health. With a weight limit of 400 pounds, its comfortable for a broad user baseand allows around eight users to generate personal profiles.

Best with app: Withings By Cardio Smart Scale

Why it made the cut: The Withings By Cardio Smart Scale works with with over 100 apps.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Individual Profiles: 8 users
  • Weight capacity: 396 pounds
  • Metrics: 10


  • USB charging cable
  • May be used with babies
  • Shows vascular age
  • Includes weather forecast
  • May be used on hard floors and carpet


  • Really expensive
  • Cant switch off BIA

The Withings Body Cardio is the most expensive smart scale on the list, that is the only real reason it isnt our overall best pick. However, its jam-packed with features. The scale shows stats on your own phone, nevertheless, you may also see them on the scales display. Most scales only show several stats on the specific screen and send one to the app on your own phone to start to see the others. The scale shows your bodyweight, BMI, heartrate, vascular age, muscle tissue, percentage of surplus fat, percentage of body water, bone mass even your babys weight and the existing and daily temperature in the event you anticipate going outside. The vascular age measurement will help you observe how your cardiovascular health comes even close to the norm for the generation.

Withings invented the initial smart scale and contains plenty of experience in this category. The Withing Body Cardio can be appropriate for over 100 health apps, including Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit. Because it runs on the USB charging cable, you wont need to be worried about swapping in fresh batteries.

Best high-capacity/pregnancy mode: Etekcity Apex Smart Scale

Why it made the cut: The Etekcity Smart Scale includes a high weight capacity and in addition includes separate modes for both pregnant mothers and in addition for newborn babies.


  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Individual Profiles: Unlimited
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Metrics: 14


  • Pregnancy mode
  • Baby Mode
  • 400-pound weight limit
  • USB charging cable


  • Expensive

The Etekcity Apex Smart WiFi SURPLUS FAT Scale is the greatest smart scale for women that are pregnant since it includes a Zero-Current Mode. Furthermore, the scale includes a Baby mode for measuring babies. Its 400-pound capacity can be as high as youll find on the list.

You can find no batteries neededthe scale runs on the USB charging cable. It tracks 14 measurements, including weight, BMI, surplus fat, protein, muscle tissue, visceral fat, BMR, heartrate, subcutaneous fat, bone mass, body water, metabolic age, skeletal muscle, and fat-free bodyweight. The smart scale uses the VeSync app, and may also use Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, MyFitness Pal, and Samsung Health.

Best metrics: Sportneer Smart Scale

Why it made the cut: The Sportneer Smart Scale has double the sensitive electrodes to supply more measurement accuracy.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Individual Profiles: Unlimited
  • Weight capacity: 396 pounds
  • Metrics: 14


  • Doubly many sensitive electrodes
  • USB charger and battery mode
  • Generates a health report


  • Cant use on carpet
  • Not recommended for pregnant women/pacemaker wearers

The upgraded Sportneer Smart SURPLUS FAT Scale has eight sensitive electrodes rather than four, that may provide more accurate readings compared to the previous version. You can find four electrodes in the scale itself and the scale also contains a handle (think about something similar to a pogo stick) that connects to the scale and another four electrodes. Consequently, the Sportneer SURPLUS FAT Scale can accurately analyze 14 indicators, including weight, water, protein, bone mass, surplus fat percentage, skeletal muscle, BMI, BMR, metabolic age, subcutaneous fat, fat-free bodyweight, visceral fat, and lean muscle. The scale then takes these details to generate personalized health reports and recommend various kinds of exercises and courses.

Unlimited profiles could be stored on the Sportneer app, rendering it ideal for the complete family or fitness team. Also, the scale charges via USB cable, eliminating the necessity for changing batteries.

Best for surplus fat: Renpho SURPLUS FAT Smart Scale

Why it made the cut: The Renpho SURPLUS FAT Smart Scale measures a number of surplus fat indicators and may be seamlessly integrated with other apps.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Individual Profiles: Unlimited
  • Weight capacity: 396 pounds
  • Metrics: 13


  • Excellent price
  • Accurate measurements
  • A lot of metrics
  • Works together with numerous apps


  • Shouldn’t be applied to carpet

The Renpho SURPLUS FAT Smart Scale can detect 13 body composition stats: weight, BMI, surplus fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle tissue, bone mass, protein, metabolic age, BMR, and fat-free bodyweight. Its user friendly and track the many metrics, and theres also an athlete mode. The scale may be used with a number of fitness apps, including Samsung Health, Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit.

That is probably the most popular smart scales because of its mix of price and features. It accommodates unlimited users, so everyone in your loved ones or group may use exactly the same Renpho App to track and share progress. The scale is fairly accurate and uses batteries rather than a USB charging cable.

Best for multiple users:Eufy by Anker Smart Scale P1

Why it made the cut: The Eufy by Anker Smart Scale P1 is simple to use, rendering it perfect for everyone to utilize.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Individual Profiles: 16
  • Weight capacity: 396 pounds
  • Metrics: 14


  • Excellent value for price
  • Auto-calibrating sensors
  • 14 measurements
  • An easy task to connect


  • Cant use if pregnant or wearing a pacemaker

The Eufy by Anker Smart Scale P1 may be used to create around 16 individual profiles. Although you can find smart scales that enable an unlimited amount of users, we think that is best for multiple users for other reasons. For instance, the scale uses G-shaped auto-calibrating sensors, that may increase accuracy. The one thing worse than your measurements being off, may be the entire groups measurements being offand its hard to motivate an organization to keep making progress when its not clear they are making progress.

The scale draws power from 3 AAA batteries and its own an easy task to connect the scale to the Eufy app. Also, 14 different measurements are given: weight, surplus fat percentage, BMI, surplus fat mass, lean muscle mass, protein, BMR, visceral fat, muscle, muscle tissue, bone, body age, bone mass, and water. The scale could be integrated with a number of third-party apps, including Google Fit, Fitbit, and Apple Health.


Q: Which brand is most accurate?

Withings is definitely the most accurate brand, although all the scales on our list are usually accurate. Its also vital that you understand that, sometimes, a seemingly inaccurate reading may be the consequence of user error. Always weigh yourself simultaneously of daythe start of day is most beneficial because you havent eaten yet. Also, put the scale on a set surface.

Q: Think about my privacy?

To supply probably the most accurate information, smart scales typically collect plenty of information. Along with biometric measurements, they could also collect your actual age, sex, height, name, and contact information. Syncing to third-party apps adds another degree of information sharing. Companies may or might not sell your informationand they might be at the mercy of data breaches, that could expose your individual info to hackers.

Q: Are mechanical scales much better than digital?

Analog scales are certainly better to operate and theyre also considered stronger because the sensors in digital scales can degrade as time passes. However, digital scales provide so much more features. To begin with, the digital readout is simpler to read. In addition, it eliminates guesswork, and may provide more accuracy (for instance, 137.8 pounds vs 137 or 138 pounds). Digital scales may also provide other measurements, such as for example body mass index, bone mass, and body water. Theyre also appropriate for fitness apps. Furthermore, they are able to track different users separately.

Summary on choosing the right smart scales

A good scale will help you manage your fitness routine by enabling you to track a number of measurements. Historical records permit you to gauge your progress toward reaching workout goals. Also, the opportunity to add multiple users lets everyone have a person profile containing their very own data.

When weighing both price and features, the Wyze Smart Scale is the greatest overall choice. However, if youre ready to splurge, the Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale displays all 10 of its metrics without having to view your phone. In addition, it measures the most famous indicatorssuch as BMI, heartrate, muscle tissue, body water, and bone massand even measures vascular age and includes the elements forecast. However, the very best smart scale for you personally will be dependant on your own needs and budget.

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