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Best space heaters of 2022

Updated Aug 6, 2022 3: 54 AM

If youre sick and tired of stockpiling blankets, extra socks, and heated slippers to help keep you warm, it may be time and energy to consider obtaining a space heater. These powerful appliances certainly are a great way to obtain cozy without installing an elaborate heat. If your radiator just isnt cutting it or someone insists on keeping a window available to freshen the area up, an area heater may be the perfect solution. The very best space heaters were created specifically to warm-up spaces both small and large; they must be portable, effective, and fast-acting.

Investing in a space heater is really a worthwhile investment, nevertheless, you want to be sure you look at all the details available about each product to find out which is right for you personally as well as your space. To truly get you started, weve created this brief guide to assist you find out more about these lean, mean, cold-fighting machines. Prepare yourself to cozy up together with your favorite books without reaching for the hat and gloves.

How exactly we picked the very best space heaters

To choose the very best space heaters that may push away even the worst winter chills and frigid breezes, we compared over 50 productslooking at reviews, wattage, heat type, bonus features, and brands. From high-tech options just like the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool to an energy-efficient pick oil-filled radiator, these space heaters can suit a number of needs and spaces. Whether you’ve got a massive room that requires high-wattage heating or want to warm-up your apartment on a budget, we compared reviews and specs to select only reliable and quality heaters.

Points to consider when picking the very best space heater

You can find six things you should think about and discover the very best space heater to your requirements. Consider what kind of personal heater you need, just how much space youre attempting to warm, just how much power your heater will require, what the safety features are, and lastly, what special features may be available. If youre in a position to get specific about the needs you have, you wont have any trouble getting a reliable, long-lasting unit youre pleased with.

Which kind of space heater best fits your preferences?

You can find three main forms of heating, with several subcategories you need to know about.

Convection heating may be the most typical and efficient type for single-room use. These space heaters work by circulating currents across a component such as for example a power coil or oil, which are generally blown out and drawn back utilizing a fan. Some models dont add a fan, counting on natural airflow; this technique is quieter but takes longer to heat a whole room. Ceramic heaters borrow out of this method, utilizing an internal, self-regulating ceramic element and fan to quickly heat an area.

Radiant heating is great for warming a targeted area like your bed or desk chair. They heat up easily using quartz or other metals and a reflector to direct heat, while some will implement a fan. Infrared heaters have become similar, using infrared quartz bulbs to create radiating heat. Unlike convection heating, this technique will not warm-up the air, rendering it better for targeted warmth. Having said that, it’ll heat an area if left on for a long period.

Micathermic heating is an effective mix of convection and radiant processes. A micathermic heater radiates warmth from a panel that’s then circulated naturally through the entire room. To get this done, these space heaters have to be reasonably large, but most models could be installed on the wall to save lots of space if necessary. Because micathermic heaters dont work with a fan, they’re quiet and clean; they dont circulate dust or pet dander, making them ideal for those people who are allergy-prone or have asthma. Portable radiator heaters use micathermic solutions to generate heat via oil encased inside.

What size of an area are you attempting to heat?

While its clear that radiant heaters are best for targeted use and convection or micathermic models may be best for larger areas, theres more to comprehend with regards to room size and heater specs.

With regards to heating, wattage is king. For space heaters, you would like to have 10 watts of power per square foot; this is also true if your portable heater may be the primary way to obtain warmth. In case you have super tall ceilings, over 8 feet high, youll desire to redouble your spaces total square footage by the ceiling height and 1.25. For rooms lacking insulation, add a supplementary 2 watts onto the equation. In the event that you just require a little extra stream of heat occasionally, it is possible to relax on the wattage rule, but only slightly.

When you have plenty of ground to cover, it could be difficult to find a supplementary heater that may keep you and any guests cozy all night at the same time. Infrared heaters certainly are a little more flexible since they warm-up people and objects; while small models wont do much, a big infrared heater can cover a more substantial room since it will target objects and also people. Below you will find well known model.

Just how much energy will your space heater use?

Utilizing a space heater regularly can suck up plenty of power, so its necessary to search for energy-efficient models that wont cause your electric bill to skyrocket. In order to work out how much your heater can cost you look up just how much you currently purchase electricity per kilowatt-hour (this info is frequently listed on your own payment), determine the quantity of time your space heater will undoubtedly be on, and calculate the kilowatts used each hour by dividing the utmost wattage by 1,000. Finally, multiply all three together, and thats your average cost each day.

Unfortunately, at the moment, america Environmental Protection Agency hasnt given any existing space heater a power Star rating, but that doesnt mean you cant search for models with energy-efficient features. First things first: Dont purchase a space heater which has more wattage than you will need. Because its powerful doesnt mean its the very best space heater for you personally. Oil-filled radiator heaters certainly are a great option for energy-efficient heating in a tinier area since they remain hot for a while, even after they’re switched off. Secondly, consider purchasing a model which includes an integral thermostat and multiple output settings. This can conserve energy as time passes as the heater wont be overcompensating once the temperature in the area changes. Timed heat settings and automatic shutoff may also aid efficiency, particularly if you have a tendency to forget to shut down appliances. Some heaters should come having an auto-eco setting made to monitor room temperature and suggest a lesser output temperature to heat the area, keeping it warm however, not hot.

What extra features make the very best space heater?

Once youve determined the size, specs, and safety settings you have to narrow down your selection, it is possible to concentrate on the fun bonuses that produce the very best space heater. Weve mentioned previously several helpful features, including a thermostat function, auto-eco mode, and timer settings. Another popular bonus feature may be the inclusion of a remote for easy control. That is going to be considered a life-saver for all those times you obtain perfectly comfortable, all snuggled up during intercourse before remembering to show the heater on. It gets better: Some space heaters are believed smart, this means they are able to connect via wi-fi to your phone, providing a blast of information relating to your spaces quality of air, humidity, and much more. Some smart models have a night-time mode to quiet noisy fans, HEPA filters for air purification, and dual-cooling systems that make use of the fan function, bypassing heat generator. Needless to say, the more special features you tack on, the bigger the purchase price but according to the frequency useful and overall efficiency of varied models, you can end up saving cash over time. Top quality products experience fewer breakdowns and dont have to be replaced normally, plus who wouldnt desire to control their space heater utilizing a voice assistant like Alexa? One step nearer to building your fully equipped smart house.

What safety features in the event you bear in mind?

We can not overstate how important safety features are with regards to space heaters. These powerful appliances are among the leading factors behind house fires in the us, and while we wish one to be warm, we certainly dont want one to be that warm. Luckily, newer models are generally built with safety features which will keep you as well as your family members out of harms way.

You should decide on a model with a shutoff sensor triggered if the machine starts to overheat or tip-over. This small but significant add-on is vital to keep things safe. Opt for investing in a model with an extended extension cord, even though you dont think youll require it. Why? Space heaters have to be directly connected to the wall; an extended cord means it is simple to resist the temptation to plug it into existing power strips or electrical cords for just one minute. Look at a model which has a cool to touch outer layer or handle so that you can avoid any accidental burns. Finally, search for certifications from the Underwriters Laboratory and Intertek Group for added reassurance your model meets safety standards.

While built-in features are essential, additionally, there are several rules youll need to follow: as mentioned, never use power/extension cords to plug in your heater; never put one on a rug or elevated surface; unless specified otherwise, you wont desire to put an area heater close to the kitchen or bathroom; and keep them out of reach/away from small children or pets.

What brand best suits your preferences?

There are several great brands on the market focused on supplying safe space heaters worldwide, and we have several favorites. Vornado, Dyson, and DeLonghi are staples in the area heater game. Vornado ‘s been around since 1930 and manufactures top-of-the-line space heaters, electronic home air cleaners, fans, humidifiers, and much more. Likewise, Dyson was founded in 1991 by James Dyson and, today, not merely manufactures high-end home staplessuch as space heaters, washers, robot vacuums, and blowdryersbut also invests in studies to boost medical equipmentsuch as ventilators, digital monitors, and electric vehicles.

The Italian company DeLonghi was incorporated in 1950 and is well known for excellence in design with regards to small kitchen appliances such as for example espresso machines, portable ac units, dehumidifiers, space heaters, and much more. DeLonghi has been the recipient of multiple awards and certifications because of its dedication to high-end engineering, design, and production.

The very best space heaters: Reviews & Recommendations

Best overall: Lasko 1500W Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Why it made the cut: This classic-design tower heater can easily fit into virtually any spaceand having an oscillating function and impressive wattage, it could heat up an area quickly and efficiently.


  • Wattage: 1,500 watts
  • Dimensions: 21.63-inches high x 7.1-inches wide
  • Heating Type: Convection


  • 8-hour auto-off timer
  • Slim design
  • High wattage


  • Only two heat settings

This Lasko ceramic tower heater includes a footprint of significantly less than eight square inches but boasts 1,500 watts of heating power, rendering it ideal for starting to warm up cold rooms in a rush without taking on an excessive amount of space. It offers several safety features as an 8-hour auto-shutoff timer, overheat protection, and a cool-touch exterior. Its widespread oscillation and adjustable thermostat ensure it is a flexible choice which allows users to custom-tailor their heating experience. The heaters cable is 72 inches long, causeing this to be model a great choice for rooms with few outlets, in addition to the unit carries a multifunction handy remote control for added convenience.

Best for large room: Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

Why it made the cut: This pick is well-equipped to heat larger spaces like living spaces, large bedrooms, studios, or garages using its high wattage and high temp settings.


  • Wattage: 1,500 watts
  • Dimensions: 13 x 12.5 x 17 inches
  • Heating Type: Radiant


  • 12-hour automatic shut-off
  • 50 to 85 degree heat range
  • Heats large spaces


  • Heavier and less portable

This radiant, infrared heater for large rooms gets hotter big spaces easily and efficiently. With 1,500 watts of power and a heat output temperature around 85 degrees, youll have the ability to stay warm without having to get right up close. It includes a 12-hour automatic shut-off timer, handy remote control, tip-over protection, a 72-inch electric cord, and caster wheels for maximum mobility.

Best energy conservation: DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

Why it made the cut: Unlike another space heaters with this list, the DeLonghi pick uses oil to keep up its heat for an energy-efficient and quiet-running design.


  • Wattage: 1,500 watts
  • Dimensions: 27.76 x 18.5 x 7.1 inches
  • Heating Type: Radiant


  • Portable design with wheels
  • Energy-efficient
  • Quiet heating


  • Pricier than various other models

This energy-efficient space heater will remain hot even with turning it off, extending its heating power without sucking up electricity. Additionally, it is possible to select eco-mode, optimizing power usage with an integral thermostat for additional energy conservation. It has 1,500 watts of power, automatic shutoff to avoid overheating, and thermal slots that funnel heat while maintaining a minimal surface temperature and that means you wont be vulnerable to burning yourself.

Best for bedrooms: Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater

Why it made the cut: This small space heater has safety features like tip-over protection, cool-touch base, and automatic shut-off, which will make it an excellent pick for smaller spaces.


  • Watts: 750 W
  • Dimensions: 11.7 x 9.3 x 12 inches
  • Heating Type: Convection


  • Compact design
  • Bonus safety features
  • Auto climate control


  • Less wattage than additional options

The Vornado VH10 is a good space heater that comes with thoughtful, extra safety features. It boasts tip-over protection, a cool-touch case, and automatic safety shut-off. In addition, it includes a timer and auto-climate control, which senses just how much heat and circulation must keep up with the set temperature. With two quiet heat settings at 750 and 1,200 watts, in addition to a fan-only option, you may be comfortably basking in the home, worry-free.

Best electric: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04

Why it made the cut: For individuals who want a multifunction device which you can use year-round, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool does that. It filters your air for allergens and dust with a HEPA-certified filter, heats in cooler months, and will become a fan after the temperatures rise back up.


  • 350-degree oscillation
  • Dimensions: 9.76 x 8.07 x 30.08 inches
  • Heating Type: Convection


  • HEPA Filter
  • Captures allergens
  • Sleek and aesthetic design


  • Expensive for an area heater
  • Could be less effective than other models

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool AIR CLEANSER is really a dream with the high-tech, special features had a need to heat and purifier a whole room simultaneously. This multifunction feat of engineering treats and projects air, cooling or heating it as needed. It provides 350-degree oscillation, a sealed HEPA filter to trap 99.7 percent of allergens, and voice-control compatibility with Alexa. Built with three intelligent sensors, this air cleanser, cooling fan, and space heater may also monitor pollution events in real-time, alerting one to any problematic airborne particles or gases via the Dyson app. The heater/fan has 10 speed settings, Bluetooth connectivity, quiet operation, and multiple additional settings.

Best space heater on a budget: Everything you get at under $50

When you wont be obtaining a ton of special features, it is possible to locate a space heater at under $50. In most cases, more budget-friendly options wont have the ability to heat large rooms, nor will they offer generous heating options. However, you have to be able to look for a model that delivers targeted heat and includes the important safety features outlined above. We recommend looking into this Lasko ceramic tower heater to help keep you warm without breaking the lender. Needless to say, we recommend saving up for an upgraded model down the road to increase functionality and longevity.


Q: What space heater produces probably the most heat?

The area heater that provides off probably the most heat may be the Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater, which includes 1,500 watts to heat larger spaces and will wind up to 85 degrees for maximum power.

Q: What’s the safest kind of space heater?

The safest kind of space heater is one with tip-over protection, a cool-touch case, and a computerized safety shut-off. Our safest pick may be the Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heaterit has those features and also a timer and auto-climate control, which senses just how much heat and circulation must keep up with the set temperature.

Q: What type of room heater is most beneficial?

An oscillating, adjustable, remote-controlled option can suit a multitude of spaces, therefore the best space heater overall may be the Lasko 1500W Ceramic Tower Space Heater, that includes a classic shape, over 500 rave reviews, and a realistic price tag.

Your final word on locating the best space heater

Space heaters certainly are a great way to save lots of space, stay warm, and snuggle up safely during cold times. Pick the best space heater for you personally by examining safety settings, power specs, heater type, and any extra features you discover exciting. So long as you know very well what your space needs, were confident you will find the proper tiny furnace to help keep you from constantly re-wearing your preferred heated socks. Give your puffy coat a rest by firmly taking it off indoors as you slowly sink in to the warmth of one’s new space heater.

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