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Best time and energy to purchase a camera: shop smart and save

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When is the better time to purchase a camera? The truth is, there is absolutely no ‘one best time,’ but if you wish to spend less (and who doesn’t?), you can find certainly some very nice sales and events to help keep your eye out for over summer and winter. Because of the ongoing cost of living crisis, our budgets are tighter than ever before and we have been unsurprisingly less keen to spend the our cash.

Fuel and energy prices are constantly rising, and for most beginners and hobby photographers, now is not a good time and energy to justify spending 1000’s of dollars on a fresh camera. Here, we shall discuss when you’re able to expect to find a very good camera discounts, which seasonal sales and photography events to help keep your eyes peeled for and which websites to look at and compare.

We’ll discuss when camera brands usually slash their prices and steps to make probably the most of the photography community. Finally, we’ll consider whether you’re better off just buying from the used market.

When for the best discounts

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Knowing once the best sales occur over summer and winter could be really beneficial if you are thinking of buying a camera. There is nothing worse than creating a big purchase and discovering it’s for sale days once you purchased it. If you are not used to photography, you will possibly not desire to splash the money straight away. Looking forward to sales is a superb way to grab equipment for under the recommended retail price. The most important sales events to understand over summer and winter are:

  • Post-Christmas/January sales – this often includes Blue Monday. Retailers tend to be looking to drive out any excess stock at the moment of year.
  • Easter holiday sales (March/April)
  • Amazon Prime Day (June/July)
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday (November)
  • Most national holidays. Brands use every possibility to try and cause you to part with your money.

Be sure you have a look at’s deals hub to find the best discounts on cameras. We’ve rounded up the very best camera deals from Amazon, Walmart, Adorama, and much more. We likewise have dedicated pages through the more significant sales where our editors publish what they think will be the best deals of your day. See this example where we saw an impressive $500 off the Canon A7R IV or this, where we found a cheaper than Amazon Prime day deal of $600 off the Canon 6D Mk II.

Another excellent time and spot to purchase cameras, lenses, along with other accessories for discounted prices are in photography shows and conventions. It is possible to often try any gear you need to increase your kit at these events. There are a great number of different camera retailers under one roof, plus they all desire to sell you something. Generally, the retailers offer competitive prices to encourage one to spend your cash using them.

If you are in america, browse the ClickCon (opens in new tab) photography conference. If you are a UK reader, consider getting tickets to The Photography Show (opens in new tab), held annually in Birmingham.

Timing is everything

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Being smart when seeking to save money on your own camera purchase, goes a little beyond just knowing once the best retailer sales are. While that helps, it’s also advisable to keep an eye on what season your selected brand will release any new models.

New camera releases often imply that older models can drop in cost dramatically, both in the brand new and used markets. Some older stock could even be getting discontinued, meaning a lot more considerable savings tend. Other brands could even discount their stock simultaneously as another brand’s release date as a bid to keep their customer loyalty.

The January GADGETS Show is normally where new camera releases are first announced, with the release dates being a while in February. Look out for this time, as there is a good chance you will discover an excellent bargain with the older models being low in price. The second-hand market may also likely reflect that price drop when new models turn out.

Check around to get the best deals

A screenshot of the Adorama homepacge showing a warehouse sale

A good example of a warehouse clearance time-limited offer at Adorama (opens in new tab). (Image credit: Adorama)

You might not have to await the seasonal sales to seize a bargain. Many big websites have regular deals over summer and winter, so make certain you’re keeping a watch on those. Although Amazon has Prime Day along with other big yearly sales events, their prices continuously fluctuate weekly. Actually, many sellers will inflate their prices right before a large sale to provide the illusion of a good deal. It is possible to adjust your settings to obtain notified when items in your watch list change in cost, meaning you will not skip the best deal.

You can even use a browser extension such as for example camelcamelcamel (opens in new tab), which records product prices as time passes so that you can see if it’s been cheaper or if it’s an authentic deal.

Top tip

Money in wallet

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If the retailer includes a ‘Live Chat’ function on the website, ask if you can find any deals available. Sometimes they could provide a percentage off as a gesture of goodwill. There is absolutely no harm in asking.

Other big retailers to help keep a watch on are B&H Photo (opens in new tab), Wex (opens in new tab), Adorama (opens in new tab), and Walmart (opens in new tab). With flash sales, warehouse clearances, and ‘deal of the day’ offers, you’ll often find better prices than Amazon (opens in new tab). Comparing prices across numerous retailers before adding a fresh camera to your basket will probably be worth the extra short while of checking and may literally save a huge selection of dollars.

Registering to the newsletters and e-mail lists of companies you are looking at means they’ll keep you updated making use of their sales. Sometimes flash sale deals receive out solely on brands’ social media marketing platforms to encourage more engagement, so it is worth providing them with a ‘follow’ if you are searching for new kit.

Use your connections

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Speaking with your neighborhood community photography groups could be another smart way to get discounts. Once you learn any photographers, or your family and friends may also be into photography, you can not only inquire further for recommendations of kit and where they find discounts, but if they’re thinking about upgrading their very own cameras, they could well desire to sell their current gear for you for a stylish price.

You might know some photographers who’ve brand ambassador discounts codes for specific brands, you could also already follow someone on Instagram or Facebook that are of a brand. These folks get yourself a commission whenever someone uses their particular discount code, so that they are usually a lot more than pleased to share. Unless you ask, you do not get. A 10% ambassador discount might not appear to be much, however when you’re possibly likely to be spending up to $1500 on a camera, that is clearly a sizeable saving.

If you are searching for camera discounts, have a look at discount and coupon websites. Although they are generally full of expired codes and false deals, it is possible to occasionally get lucky, though we wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of time in it. Cashback websites like Quidco and Top Cashback tend to be more genuine, they refund you X level of your purchase total after you have ‘clicked through’ and purchased from the retailer. You need to wait a time for the cashback to be credited, usually following the fairly common 30-day returns period, but you’re still saving cash.

Choose prudently to check out pre-loved

Older mirrorless camera set up on a tripod in front of trees

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Sometimes, the simplest way to spend less on new cameras and photography gear would be to shop the used market, whatever the season. When asked, ‘What’s your very best money-saving tip?’ nearly all seasoned photographers will tell buy used gear.

There are several caveats to the, though. It’s understandable that you should make certain all the different parts of the camera come in good shape and completely working order. If you are buying directly from someone else on an auction website like eBay, or on Facebook Marketplace, ask to see footage of the camera in working order and how it writes to the disk, etc. The chance of buying from the private seller is that we now have no guarantees or warranties set up if the camera malfunction, that could leave you out of pocket.

Websites like Wex have a separate used section (opens in new tab) where in fact the used products are rigorously checked before sale, and have a 12-month warranty. Similarly, B&H Photo (opens in new tab) offers 90-day parts and labor warranties on used items. We’d always recommend with them over private sellers.

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Kimberley Lane

Kimberley Lane is really a landscape & seascape photographer surviving in South Wales. Originally using photography in an effort to cope with medical issues, she aims to portray a sense of calm and peace through her images. Her work has been featured in several national photography magazines.

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