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Better Call Saul finale: A few of you already guessed the ending

I dont find out about you, but my jaw continues to be hanging on to the floor after Better Call Sauls unsurprisingly masterful penultimate episode on Monday night, titled simply Waterworks. Which, once we now know, was a sly reference of sorts never to only Kim Wexlers soul-crushingly boring new job at Palm Coast Sprinklers in Florida. But, also, to her gut-wrenching, tearful breakdown on the bus in this episode. Once the weight of from her life with Jimmy/Saul became a great deal to bear.

With regards to precisely what made Waterworks among the all-time great episodes in the Vince Gilligan-verse, After all, where can you even begin? There is the shot of Gene, in black-and-white, along with his old Saul Goodman TV commercial reflected in his glasses (in color). Or think about Kim, standing beyond your law office of Breaking Bad-era Saul Goodman, having just signed divorce papers and smoking a cigarette? And theres Jesse Pinkman, asking her whether he Saul is worthwhile.

When I knew him, he was, Kim coolly tells Jesse, before flipping her hood over her head and running out to her car in the torrential rain.

Better Call Saul finale theory

The most crucial section of the episode, though, arguably came in the all-too-brief teaser for next weeks Better Call Saul series finale. In the teaser, that you can watch below in the event that you missed it, Gene can clearly be heard reciting the code hell use to produce a certain call to a particular vacuum store man.

Working backward out of this, my theory for the way the Better Call Saul finale will go about resolving everything is really as follows.

Through the Waterworks episode, we surely got to start to see the other side of the Kim-Gene telephone call from the other day in the telephone booth. That is post-Breaking Bad, and its own clear that Kim knows what transpired, at least to some extent. She urges Gene ahead clean and turn himself in. Needless to say, hes not doing some of that, not for all your flashy mens suits in Albuquerque. One kick of the telephone booths glass later, and hes off.

Its the start of the finish.

As a counter to Kim likely to come clean, Gene dives back right into a scam. Specifically, the selling-photo-IDs-for-cash scam. One which hes so hardcore about, hes even ready to benefit from a mark who has cancer.

It wasnt clear, initially, why he was so insistent about continue with the scam, once he discovered that one victim is sick. But theres a minumum of one scenario where it creates all of the sense on earth.


If you believe about any of it, Genes insistence ongoing through with scamming that final victim is logical, in the event that you contemplate it in the context of Gene really, really needing the amount of money. Or, rather, needing an extremely specific amount of cash. In cash.

Does an insistence on a truly precise amount of cash no hemming and hawing about being truly a little short cause you to think about any particular Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad characters? Needless to say, it can.

Next weeks teaser also helps it be clear. Gene whipped the photo ID scam together, because he needs cash to cover the vacuum man. Remember just how much of a stickler the latter was for the precise amount of cash in El Camino, when Jesse was just a little short? But that, needless to say, raises a variety of other questions.

He already called the person who makes criminals disappear once before, right? Thats how he finished up at a Cinnabon in Omaha. So, would this be considered a new do-over?

That is among the best scenes in the complete show. Basically one long restrained shot. Its raw, empathetic, and honest. We just sit with her as 6 years of guilt, pain, and trauma release in probably the most heartbreaking way imaginable. Masterclass work #BetterCallSaul

Satchel Better Call Saul Era (@SatchelSeals) August 9, 2022


  • We, needless to say, dont need to wait a lot longer for the ending, with under a week to go before all will undoubtedly be revealed. Also, fun fact: Series star Bob Odenkirk has confirmed that a few of you on the market have correctly guessed how everything find yourself. He reads fan theories online, and he says that maybe 1 in 9 people obtain it right.
  • The Marion theories are particularly intriguing, with some individuals suspecting that she is/was a Sandpiper client.
  • Also, imagine if Gene isnt calling the vacuum man for himself but, rather, for Kim? As in, fine, Kim, you have it from the system. You confessed. You cleansed your conscience. Heres your ticket to a fresh life.

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