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Biden: Putin using nuclear, chermical weapons would result in “consequential U.S. response

President Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin never to use chemical or tactical nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine or there will be a “consequential response from america.

The picture as a whole: The Kremlin the other day said that Russia would continue steadily to wage its war in Ukraine until all its military goals have already been achieved despite facing a rapidly advancing Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Why it matters: Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine increased tensions between your U.S. and its own former Cold War foe both which have nuclear weapons, Axios’ Julia Shapero reports.

What they’re saying: It could change the facial skin of war unlike anything since World War II,” Biden said in an interview with CBS which will air Sunday.

  • “Theyll are more of a pariah on the planet than they ever have already been. And based on the extent of what they do will know what response would occur,” he added.

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