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Biden signs executive order to handle ‘health care crisis’ after overturning of Roe

  • Giuliani unlikely to handle charges in federal lobbying probe

    02: 55

  • Sinema facing pressure from Arizona voters on support for reconciliation bill

    01: 31

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    Biden signs executive order to handle ‘health care crisis’ after overturning of Roe

    02: 53


    Charles Blow: Republican opposition to climate bill is purely partisan

    03: 38

  • Justice Department files lawsuit challenging Idaho abortion law

    03: 04

  • ‘Cruel and unusual punishment’: Jon Stewart, veterans protest GOP senators’ opposition to burn pits bill

    03: 59

  • Watch: Speaker Pelosi arrives in Taiwan

    03: 39

  • Carried interest loophole on chopping block

    06: 03

  • Trump endorses ‘Eric’ in Missouri Senate race with multiple Erics

    01: 27

  • A FRESH ALTERNATIVE PARTY Hopes to Upend U.S. Politics

    15: 20

  • Beyond the Beltway: IssuesShapingthe Biggest Races

    11: 07

  • Will Reconciliation Deal Hold America’s Richest Accountable?

    09: 31

  • GOP attacks on wokeness could impact midterms

    06: 34

  • Biden announces death of top Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri

    07: 17

  • U.S. drone strike kills top Al Qaeda leader Zawahri

    05: 33

  • Jan. 6 Capitol rioter Guy Reffitt sentenced to over 7 years in prison

    04: 59

  • How one Democratic representative is addressing economic woes, cultural issues in swing California race

    02: 27

  • Rep. Porter says Orange County values freedom and respect for others

    02: 22

  • Democrats feel they will have robust agenda to perform on for fall midterms

    03: 42

  • Biden experiencing no reemergence of symptoms after testing positive for Covid again, White House says

    11: 20

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