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Biden will soon talk with Brittney Griner’s wife, but experts say Russia has recently ’embarrassed’ the united states by waiting such a long time to free her

Brittney Griner.

Brittney Griner.Alexander Zemlianichenko, Pool/AP Photo

  • President Joe Biden is defined to meet up with Brittney Griner’s wife on Friday, the White House said.

  • Griner has been detained in a Russian prison after pleading guilty to drug charges.

  • The White House in July announced a proposed prisoner exchange, but few details have emerged since.

President Joe Biden will talk with Brittney Griner’s wife on Friday because the WNBA player marks her seventh month detained in Russia, the White House said Thursday, with the president set to show his “continuing commitment” to secure Griner’s release after weeks with few public updates on the progress.

The planned meeting will undoubtedly be Biden’s first in-person visit with the athlete’s wife, Cherelle Griner, since Brittney Griner was arrested in February when officials alleged they discovered vape cartridges containing hashish oil in her luggage at the Moscow airport.

Griner, in July, pleaded guilty to drug smuggling charges and was sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison in early August. Legal experts told Insider at that time that Griner’s guilty plea was a strategic move around in order to speed up the procedure of her return.

HAWAII Department moved her case to the Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs in-may, reclassifying her detention as “wrongful.”

The basketball player’s wife, friends, and teammates have already been increasingly vocal in attempting to secure Griner’s release, calling upon the White House to accomplish more within their efforts to create her home.

The administration in July said it made a proposal to swap Griner and Paul Whelan, a former Marine who in addition has been wrongfully detained in Russia for pretty much four years, in trade for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who’s serving a 25-year sentence in america.

Recent reporting, however, suggests a deal still might be a ways away following a White House official said in August that Russia was attempting to tack on yet another convict to the proposed prisoner exchange. The Biden administration hasn’t provided any official updates since its July statements.

“We’ve followed through to offering repeatedly and can continue steadily to pursue every avenue to create them home safely,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday.

But set up White House has privately made any headway in securing Griner’s release, public perception of the problem doesn’t look particularly best for the united states.

Dani Gilbert, a Fellow in US Foreign Policy and International Security at Dartmouth, told THE BRAND NEW Yorker this month that the Russians “have previously won.”

Russia’s initial control of relevant information linked to Griner’s case allowed the united states to take charge of the narrative, leaving the united states looking weak, experts told the outlet.

“They will have embarrassed the government. They will have put the White House in an especially difficult position due to a political prisoner, and they are experiencing cultural conflict,” Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post writer who was simply wrongfully detained in Iran for a lot more than 500 days, told THE BRAND NEW Yorker. “The fallout within America Russia loves it.”

Biden can be set to meet up with Whelan’s sister in another meeting, Jean-Pierre announced this week.

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