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Bill Belichick impressed with LilJordan Humphreys versatility

New England Patriots wide receiver LilJordan Humphrey burst onto the scene earlier this preseason. Now, he could be making his presence felt in the NFL, and coach Bill Belichick is taking notice.

He’s got one reception for 11 yards. That came contrary to the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this Sunday. However, his contributions go far beyond the stat sheet. He’s got been able to create a number of skills to the table for New England. His blocking specifically has been one of the primary areas of his game.

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Belichick is taking notice of most of the things. He’s got always liked players with versatility, and Humphrey fits the bill. The coach gave props to the wide receiver when he met with the media recently, as transcribed by Zack Cox of

I believe (hes brought) a few of the toughness that people were discussing, said Belichick. Made a large catch there on that second-and-long that got us right into a third-and-short there within the last drive where Mac finished up scrambling. Hes had plenty of tough yards in preseason, made some tough catches on the middle, fought for a few extra yardage. Follow the catch with the ball, blocked, played in the kicking game. Made some big plays for all of us in preseason, downing kicks and covering kicks. Hes a fascinating guy.

The Patriots passing attack has already established a bumpy begin to begin the 2022 season. Nevertheless, Humphrey is getting a solution to contribute on the field. His preseason efforts certainly allowed him to convey his case.

Ultimately, his efforts left a lasting impression on Belichick aswell.

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