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Bill Gates’ Wordle Strategy Has Specific Rules for Vowel and Consonants

Bill Gates can’t get enough of Wordle. The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist took a rest from the web puzzle game to create about his Wordle “obsession” and what types of words he starts the overall game with in a post published Tuesday.

“If you have played Wordle, you understand how important it really is to create your first guess strategically,” Gates wrote in the post, titled “I cannot stop playing Wordle!”

Gates has kicked days off with a casino game of Wordle for a number of months, and that is not absolutely all. After attempting the Wordle of your day, he progresses to spinoffs like Quordle and Octordle, based on the post. Once he’s puzzle-solved to his heart’s content, he checks email “to observe how I stacked against the relatives and buddies who share my obsession.”

“Unlike time sinks, Wordle and another puzzles certainly are a great way to remain linked to people, because they’re exactly the same for everybody,” Gates wrote. “Each day it is possible to ask your fellow Wordle fans, ‘Are you prepared to discuss it?’ … And by seeing who sends out their scores first, we realize who got up earlier and who maybe stayed up too late the night time before.”

Wordletasks players with guessing a five-letter word in six tries or less. Whenever a Wordler offers up a word, the letters arrive in various colors that designate if they are in the proper place in the term or not. With Quordle, a new player guesses four words; with Octordle, it’s eight words.

Just how does Gates approach a casino game of Wordle? Based on the post, he likes “to begin with a word which has plenty of vowels, like AUDIO or OUNCE. ADIEU is a great one too.” (Want more starting words? Here are a few of CNET’s favorites).

Next, he wrote, “it can help to take into account which consonants (consonants = not just a vowel) can go close to one another,” like C and H, or S and L.

“Then your consonants which are hardly ever paired with others-like Q, V, X, and Z-really jump out,” Gates wrote.

Gates says he’s got to remind himself that vowels could be in the beginning or end of words.

He wrote he usually solves the Wordle in the span of “four guesses, sometimes five.” But he did provide a time once the puzzle bested him.

“Onetime, I had the final four letters of a word: A-S-T-Y. I simply needed the initial letter, but I was right down to my final guess,” Gates wrote. “Thinking about obscure words, I tried PASTY. But I’d forgotten among the cardinal rules of Wordle: Letters may be used more often than once. The solution was TASTY. I lost, because of that lousy double T. Lesson learned.”

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