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Bills Camp: Wheres Stefon Diggs on Brothers Top WR Rank?

Stefon Diggs is one of is own brother Trevon’s favorite wide receivers in the NFL. But how high does he rank?

Stefon Diggs just got a Brotherly Shove to the very best of the wideout food chain.

There could not be considered a better brotherly duo in the NFL than Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs and Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs. Both brothers are fiercely loyal to one another and have verbal supporters of 1 another.

Trevon has openly campaigned for Stefon to be called among the best receivers in the NFL, whether that be on social media marketing or in interviews with the media. Lately, Trevon was on the I’M Athlete Podcast, where he was prompted to list his top five receivers in the NFL.

All of the names he listed have all made solid cases to be considered the very best receiver in the NFL, with Trevon placing Stefon atop his list. Rounding out his top five will be the Oakland Raiders’ Davante Adams, the Miami Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill, Cincinnati Bengals’ Ja’Marr Chase, and Dallas Cowboys pass-catcher and teammate CeeDee Lamb.

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After choosing his brother No. 1, Trevon couldn’t find his next collection of Chase, who was simply left off the set of selections completely and needed to be written in by Diggs. As the argument could possibly be made that it is much too soon for Chase to seem on any lists such as this, his rookie season was that good.

Trevon’s collection of his brother at No. 1 may be a lot more than just nepotism.

In seven years in the league, Stefon has been near the top of the wide receivers list seemingly his entire career. In 103 games split between five seasons in Minnesota and two in Buffalo, Stefon has recorded 595 catches on 864 targets, for 7,383 yards and 48 touchdowns.

While Trevon’s collection of Stefon at No. 1 may be a little because of family ties, it really is not a bad choice by any stretch.

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