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Bills release punter Matt Araiza after accusations of gang rape in lawsuit

Content warning: this story contains information on graphic sexual violence.

Matt Araiza and two other NORTH PARK State football players have already been accused of gang rape in a civil lawsuit. The suit was reported by the LA Times. The alleged gang rape occurred at an off-campus party at Araizas home in Oct. 2021. The alleged victim was 17 yrs . old during the incident.

Araiza is accused of raping a beyond your home, and being section of a gang rape that occurred in the home. NORTH PARK State offensive lineman Zavier Leonard and former defensive lineman Paa Ewaliko may also be named in the suit.

The alleged victim, who’s now 18 yrs . old, said Araiza handed her a glass or two that she believes contained other intoxicating substances apart from alcohol. The LA Times gets the gruesome information on the suit. This has a trigger warning for sexual violence.

Based on the lawsuit, the teen told Araiza she was a higher school student and, despite the fact that he could see she was highly intoxicated, he took her outside and informed her to execute oral sex, then had sex with her. Then Araiza took her to a bedroom where Leonard, Ewaliko and a minumum of one other man were, the complaint alleged, and threw her down on the bed face first. The lawsuit said she was raped for one hour . 5 before party was turn off.

The teen stumbled out from the room bloody and crying. Her nose, bellybutton, and ear piercings have been pulled out, and she was also bleeding from her vagina.

The victim immediately told friends she was raped. She visited the police the very next day, and took a rape exam.

Heres another disturbing detail from the suit, via the LA times:

At the request of police, she made pretext calls recorded by detectives with the men named in the lawsuit whom police had determined were within the room once the rape occurred. Araiza, the complaint alleged, confirmed on a contact late October they had sex and recommended she get tested for a std. Later in the conversation, she asked him, And did we’ve actual sex? Araiza allegedly changed his tone and replied, That is Matt Araiza. I dont remember whatever happened that night.

The accuser who is not identified because she actually is an alleged victim of rape released photos to a local news station that presents bruises across her neck and leg. She’s criticized local police and the university for his or her slow response in the handling of the investigation. The men may be charged with statutory rape as she was a during the alleged incident.

I understand I had not been responsible, she told the news headlines station. I understand being truly a 17-year-old girl, almost unconscious 90% of that time period in an area with several guys, bloody, and moving in and out of consciousness isn’t a thing that was consensual.

Araiza was a star punter for NORTH PARK State last season who earned national acclaim for his powerful leg. Nicknamed Punt God, Araiza was selected in the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills. He won the Bills starting punter job through the preseason.

On August 27, the Buffalo Bills reportedly informed Matt Araiza he will undoubtedly be released from the team.

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