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Bitcoin Price vulnerable to Dropping Below $15K as Miners Sell Over 4000 BTC

As its price fell towards the finish of August, Bitcoin [BTC] had a hard time. But September has taken some brighter days, because the cryptocurrencys last seven-day performance didn’t see much downside.

The cryptocurrency market is anticipating the Ethereum merger, nonetheless it appears like Bitcoin is having difficulty gaining traction.

BTC oscillated backwards and forwards round the $20,000 level during the last couple of days, casting doubt on the chance of a short-term Bitcoin bottom.

Crypto researcher Ali Martinez noted in a tweet on Friday that, in accordance with information from CryptoQuant, Bitcoin miners have sold around 4,586 BTC in only three days.

Relative to on-chain data from @cryptoquant com, the tweet states that about 4,586 BTC have already been sold by bitcoin miners in the last 72 hours.

Worst Is Yet AHEAD For Bitcoin?

Notably, Martinezs tweet was delivered soon after Bitcoin Magazine announced on Monday that the mining difficulty had increased by 9.26 percent rendering it the next largest. Large public miners have increased production because of long-term growth plans.

Although Bitcoins difficulty has risen quickly, mining profitability in addition has suffered, falling 17% in the last 30 days. Consequently, to be able to increase their liquidity, miners are compelled to market their mining rewards.

Miners started to sell in droves in June after Arcane Research reported that profitability had fallen by 80% from its peak in November. The Crypto Basic said that through the entire time, Bitfarms sold 3000 BTC.

It is very important remember that increased selling pressure from miners may bring about further declines in the price tag on Bitcoin. Before a bull cycle began, arcane research predicted that Bitcoin may fall only $10,350.

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