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Bitcoin(BTC) And Ethereum(ETH) Price Face Rejection At Crucial Levels: What Next?

Bitcoin (BTC) Price May Still Reach $24,000

After breaking through the descending parallel channel, the Bitcoin price spiked from underneath near $20,000. The updated interest levels discrete by the FED recently induced notable bullish momentum that uplifted the purchase price from the consolidation section of around $21,000. Presently the bulls may actually have exhausted after an 8% rally.

Presently, the bears try hard to restrict the purchase price but bulls look like poised to maintain the rally towards the north.


The BTC prices are within the low bands of the rising parallel channel and so are likely to consolidate for a few additional time. However, having an extreme bullish push, the purchase price may initially use beyond $23,600 and later try to hit $24,000. At these levels, you can expect another rejection here, if the bulls lose their strength.

Ethereum (ETH) PriceCould Hit $1800

Ethereum underwent a substantial upswing that has been much necessary to halt the descending trend. However, following a steep jump, the costs are heavily consolidating inside a very narrow range. Therefore, a notable upswing could possibly be pre-determined that could escalate the purchase price towards top of the resistance at $1700.


After the asset reaches the resistance, it could have formed a bullish double bottom pattern for a while. Therefore, after multiple rejections at around $1700 it could have grown to be pretty weak which might assist the purchase price to break the neckline. However, the asset could be considered above the chance zone only when it breaks above $1843. Therefore, the upcoming week could be pretty crucial for the Ethereum(ETH) price rally.

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