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BlackIsh Creator Kenya Barris TO CREATE And Direct An Updated Version Of The Wizard Of Oz

Kenya Barris is among the busiest men in Hollywood, with multiple projects and deals on his plate, and he just landed another which could potentially function as biggest project hes ever done. It has just been announced that Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is defined to create and direct an updated version of the 1939 classic, The Wizard Of Oz.

@Deadline exclusively reports, popular Hollywood studio Warner Bros. officially confirmed that Kenya Barris has been tapped to both write and direct a reimagining of enduring fantasy classic, The Wizard Of Oz, through his Khalabo Ink Society production company. Through the entire years there were multiple retellings of the story, with the main one perhaps most obviously to the Black community being the 1978 version The Wiz, starring icons Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

Details round the project, and the vision that Kenya Barris has for this, are increasingly being kept quiet for nowhowever, its been clarified that it’ll be a modern undertake the legendary musical. Things are simply getting started off with the project, as Kenya just officially closed the offer earlier this month. Meanwhile, he’s got multiple films approaching, such as for example his feature film directorial debut, You People, starring Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Jonah Hill and Lauren London.

Then there’s the passion project collaboration between Kenya and Kid Cudi, titled Entergalatic, that is reported to be inspired by the next Cudi album of exactly the same name that’s referred to as a love story occur NEW YORK contrary to the backdrop of combination music, fashion, art and adult animation.

Additionally, production can be currently active on Kenya Barriss remake of the 1992 sports film White Men Cant Jump, starring rapper Jack Harlow in his feature film debut and former Power star Sinqua Walls.

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