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Blue Jays announce renovation plans for Rogers Centre

July 28th, 2022

TORONTO — For 33 years, Rogers Centre is a multipurpose stadium that occurs to host Major League Baseball games. Thats going to change.

With a $300 million renovation which will take place on the next two offseasons, the Blue Jays intend to transform the stadium right into a true ballpark with modernized fan experiences and enhanced player facilities. The project, that is privately funded and the initial large-scale renovation in the building’s history, will start this winter.

Its likely to be considered a dramatically different look on Opening Day of 2023, Blue Jays president/CEO Mark Shapiro told reporters at Rogers Centre on Thursday. The biggest focus [is] modernizing fan experience. Going for a 1980s perspective of what an event was, and turning that right into a 2020s [notion] and beyond of what compelling fan experience ought to be inside our modern sports entertainment landscape.

Phase hands down the project will start in the 100 and 200 Degrees of the outfield, where social spaces are increasingly being prioritized alongside traditional seating options. This implies patios, drink rails, bars and viewing platforms which will allow fans to go through the stadium because the game continues on. The Blue Jays also intend to improve the bullpens and move 100-Level seating nearer to the wall, bringing fans nearer to the action.

In the 500 Level, two new social decks will undoubtedly be put into left and right field and all 500-Level seats will undoubtedly be replaced from the originals once the building opened. The target is to develop a more viewer-friendly experience from all around the venue, addressing a long-time issue produced from the multi-purpose nature of the existing layout.

The business also hopes that facilitating a far more viewer-friendly experience and adding social-gathering spaces for families and casual fans can help foster the overall game of baseball in Toronto.

There isn’t a night here through the season that people aren’t having conversations about how exactly to engage a far more diverse band of fans, said Shapiro.

With regards to player amenities, the Blue Jays based their project on the blueprint of these Player Development Complex in Dunedin, Fla., completed in 2021 and which includes received exceptional feedback from players. The business has paired up with Populous for architectural design, exactly the same company behind the Dunedin renovations that helped turn the old facilities right into a modern hub for the Blue Jays Major League and Minor League operations year-round.

The initial phase of renovations will dsicover the addition of a 5,000-square-foot weight room, a players living room and staff locker room.

A big group inside our organization has spent time considering how exactly to create support for the players, kids, our players, wives and families and friends as they’re enduring the journey of an extended baseball season from their primary homes, said Shapiro.

Phase 2 of renovations, occurring between your 2023 and 24 seasons, will shift the focus to overhauling the 100-Level infield seating. This can are the addition of premium clubs at field level and social spaces. This phase may also round out the renovations of player facilities, that may include clubhouses.

The Blue Jays dont anticipate any major issues or delays in the final outcome of the project, but potential setbacks are portion of the reason the renovations are set to disseminate over three offseasons.

This project wouldn’t normally be possible minus the support of Edward Rogers, Tony Staffieri, and our Rogers ownership group, Shapiro said in a news release, who’ve demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the Blue Jays, both in fielding the very best team to win championships, in addition to in the infrastructure had a need to develop a modern ballpark for the fans and players.

But this announcement doesnt change the organizations long-term intend to overhaul the existing stadium, either because they build a completely new ballpark at another Toronto location or by buying even larger renovations for the existing one.

It is a medium-term solution, Shapiro told reporters. What does which means that? I’m uncertain I could put a precise year on that, but 10-12 years, something for the reason that timeframe. We still will require, at some time, the undertaking of: What does a fresh ballpark or perhaps a massive renovation of the existing stadium mean?

The initial portion of the project is likely to start when the Blue Jays 2022 season ends and conclude shortly prior to the 2023 Opening Day.

This renovation to Rogers Centre will deliver a sophisticated ballpark experience for fans of Canadas team, said Edward Rogers, chair of the Toronto Blue Jays and chair of the board, Rogers Communications, in a news release. To allow them to gather to cheer on the Blue Jays and make cherished memories with friends and family, because they have going back 33 years.”

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