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Blue Jays prospect Gabriel Moreno rocked this ball so difficult it got stuck in a wall and shocked everyone

Theres something in the air with baseball at this time. The overall game is giving us things we rarely sometimes never see. Its fun. And weird. Very, very weird.

Using one end, weve got first-swing home runs. On the other end, youve got another instance in which a ball got stuck in the dirt and converted into a ground out. But this ball the following from Blue Jays prospect Gabriel Moreno? He gave us the very best and perhaps the wackiest of both worlds.

This dude hit the ball so difficult it literally got stuck in the wall.

No-one knew how to proceed with this particular thing. The umpire called it a homerun initially, however they eventually turned it into a computerized double despite it not actually exceeding the wall and out of play.

Heres an instant look.

Jays prospect Gabriel Moreno smoked this ball so difficult it got stuck in the wall

Jomboy Media (@JomboyMedia) August 18, 2022

Yall. Its jammed within. The silhouette on the wall somehow caught the ball.

Thats hilarious. Its also insane, too. Individuals were confused about any of it like the crew calling the overall game.

Moreno hit that ball so difficult, its stuck in the wall, one announcer said. Another responded yeah, that ball was crushed, after he correctly guessed itd be called a double.

He hammered that joint. Officially 111 miles each hour from the bat. Thats wild. Fans didnt really understand how to respond to this.

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