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Blueface Blasts His Mom On SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, Says He Doesnt Know Her Anymore

Los Angeles-based rapper, Blueface, is beefing along with his mother over his girlfriend Chrisean Rock.



Blueface has been around a backwards and forwards along with his mother on his latest Instagram stories.

The LA rapper said he believes his mothers demeanor has shifted.

Nothing my mom says holds true, I dont even understand that lady anymore, I lost her to the web she just really wants to be recognized to get her hair done free of charge, she aint even aloud to see her grandkids because she lost herself to Instagram and nobody really wants to maintain the mix with her.

Bluefaces mother Karlissa Saffold responded to his allegations in a post revealing that the rapper allows his girlfriend to disrespect her:

Son you lost your mom your day you let that woman disrespect me and kick me in my own head when you videotaped it. You lost precisely what day, you merely havent accepted it yet. Youre done, you’d one job and that has been to open the gate for all those folks who earned it, you couldnt even do this, you’re never the main one. You were the only real gatekeeper, Ill go on it from here.

There appears to be some family feuding on the drama with Chrisean, but hopefully, everyone will get together and make peace.

The other day, Blueface and Chrisean experienced a physical fight in public areas.

A disturbing video surfaced on the web, which showed the rapper and Chrisean within an altercation on Hollywood Boulevard.

The individual recording also gave real-time comments through the video, which began with a heated argument before escalating right into a physical altercation.

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