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Bodega clerk Jose Alba ditching NYC for Dominican Republic after murder charge dropped

The bodega clerk who was simply infamously charged with murder for fatally stabbing an assailant has already established it with the crime-ridden NY and is time for the Dominican Republic, pals told The Post on Friday.

He doesnt work here anymore. Hes on the point of re-locate of the united states, the manager of the Blue Moon convenience store, where in fact the grisly Manhattan stabbing happened July 1, said of Jose Alba, 61.

The store manager, who declined to recognize himself, said Alba is headed to Santiago, a city in the Dominican Republic where in fact the former worker is originally from.

He doesnt come [to the store anymore], but we go visit him in the home every once in awhile, the manager said.

Alba continues to be attempting to process what happened to him, including being charged with murder in the self-defense slaying and finally getting the rap dropped amid widespread outcry, said Francisco Marte, the top of a bodega association that is helping the worker.

He could be going for a hiatus at this time, Marte said. He went upstate to obtain from everything before he heads to the DR.

Jose Alba
Alba was arrested after defending himself during an attack in his bodega.
Alec Tabak

He could be not heading back to just work at the bodega. He could be going for a break fighting along with his trauma, and he said he could be afraid for his life, Marte said.

He could be looking to get back again to normal, but he said its very difficult if you have flashbacks of what happened. We have been getting him specialized help, and [Alba and his family] decide whether he dates back to the DR once and for all or simply spends a while there.

On July 1, Alba was working behind the counter at the Hamilton Heights bodega when he experienced a disagreement with a female after she couldnt purchase a bag of chips.

The girl then sent on her behalf boyfriend, Austin Simon, 35, who came behind the counter and attacked Alba, leading the worker to seize a knife and stab the person to death.

Surveillance video of the attack that took place on West 139 Street.
Surveillance video of the attack that occurred on West 139 Street.
Person holding sign that reads
There is a big public outcry in reaction to the initial murder charges against Alba.
Gregory P. Mango

Alba called police, so when they arrived, they arrested him on second-degree murder charges, sparking a wave of protest from supporters, including Mayor Eric Adams and former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, who said the stabbing was committed in self-defense.

Alba was locked through to Rikers Island but was soon freed when prosecutors agreed to lessen his $250,000 bail.

Still, whilst from bail, Alba couldnt go back to work at the bodega because his managers were concerned his life was in peril and that Simons family could make an effort to target him at the store, they said in July.

On July 19, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg finally decided to drop the charges against Alba, conceding there wasnt enough evidence to prove the worker had not been justified in his usage of deadly physical force, his office wrote in a motion.

Jose Alba shows his wounds following the attack and his release from Rikers.
Jose Alba shows his wounds following the attack and his release from Rikers.
Francisco Marte

Following the decision, Alba told reporters he felt so-so and soon fled upstate to obtain away from the eye and clear his head, Marte said.

Marte, asked about Albas physical recovery from being stabbed through the melee himself, said the mans wounds are coming along good.

They’re not fully healed, Marte said. The scars will undoubtedly be there forever. Its likely to be considered a reminder of what happened and the tragedy he experienced.

Alba couldnt be reached for comment.

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