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Body found sitting in a chair in Sierra home, likely for a long time, officials say

A 2014 photo of the Camanche Reservoir, which is located near the small town of Wallace.

A 2014 photo of the Camanche Reservoir, that is located close to the small town of Wallace.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Officials think that a body found in the home in a little town in the Sierra Nevada foothills has been there for a long time before it had been discovered.

At around 10 a.m. Saturday, a Calaveras County sheriffs deputy was delivered to a house in the city of Wallace to conduct a next-of-kin notification. The neighboring Amador County Sheriffs Office was investigating the death of an unidentified man, and the deceased man’s son was thought to be living at the Wallace home.

Once the deputy attained the residence, it appeared nobody was home, but he heard the faint sound of a fan, Calaveras County Sheriffs spokesperson Lt. Greg Stark told SFGATE in a statement. The deputy peered by way of a window and found what were a dead man sitting in a chair. Then needed backup.

Stark said the home likely was not entered for a long time. Evidence suggested a lot more than 3 years, Stark said in the statement. Because of the condition of your body, the detectives were not able to look for the reason behind death or identification of the deceased.

The identities of the deceased individuals in Calaveras and Amador counties haven’t yet been disclosed by the sheriffs’ offices, Stark said, but you can find no signs of foul play.

The news headlines was initially reported by the Calaveras Enterprise.

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