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Boss’ New Rules for Worker’s Bathroom Breaks Slammed: ’10 Minutes Maximum’

A Canadian has regaled the web with tales of these boss’s new work facility policies that limit toilet breaks to no more than 10 minutes, and folks online are unimpressed.

On Thursday, the worker, beneath the username u/Smoothsay, posted an image of the “New Facility Rules” that their boss just introduced to Reddit, with a caption that read: “This is posted at the job today.”

The brand new rules require employees to be 5 minutes earlier for his or her shift each morning, and states that overtime should be approved beforehand by the ground manager, and anyone caught submitting unapproved overtime could have their pay reduced.

Furthermore, the brand new rules also limit bathroom breaks to no more than 10 minutes, stating that: “Any moment over will undoubtedly be redacted from pay and employees could be at the mercy of disciplinary action.”

The brand new rules also ban smoke breaks entirely, asking smoking employees to possess their cigarettes at the indicated locations before or after their shift.

The U.S. Department of Labor says that federal law will not require lunch or coffee breaks, but different states have different state laws regarding this matter.

For instance, in Colorado employees should get around 30 minutes break if their shift exceeds 5 consecutive hours, and on-duty meal periods are counted as time worked and permitted once the nature of work prevents rest from all duties.

Employees working a lot more than 6 hours each day have entitlement to have an uninterrupted break of at the least 20 minutes, that they can take completely or in separate shorter breaks.

While employers in the U.S. are permitted to adopt policies that limit employees’ break times, any changes to contractual terms will generally require agreement from the employee, plus they should won’t sign a fresh contract containing toilet break restrictions.

The post, that was first shared on the r/antiwork sub, went viral, receiving over 22,000 upvotes and 3,400 comments.

One user, AngryDrnkBureaucrat, suggested: “Arrive at 8: 54. Go right to floor manager to enquire about the 5 minutes of overtime from 8: 55 to 9: 00. Make him put whatever he says on paper.”

And Maywestpie commented: “Bathroom breaks limited by 10 minutes?? Who exactly is holding the stopwatch when you poo??”

Snarky_snek joked: “Pardon me, sir, sir. It appears like you’ve kept diarrhea however your maximum allotted time is finished. Please feel absolve to syour pants though.”

Another user, Shitposting24700, described: “Sounds pretty illegal to require employees to be on-site, without pay. Appears like you should contact BOLI.” And Gelisan said: “I work in HR in Canada and both first and second points are 100% illegal.”

AdamJadam summed everything up: “So lemme understand this straight, you anticipate visitors to work every second of these shift, go out twiddling their thumbs until it’s time to work, and obtain disciplined should they have any bathroom needs which are longer than 10 minutes.

“Not forgetting, they’re prohibited to clock in early because of no overtime, so… what exactly are they likely to do for all those 5 unpaid minutes, exactly? Yet you anticipate all this to possess no profanity involved? Sorry, that isn’t humanly possible.”

And waterybooks added: “Remember, they also have to thank their supervisor each day too!”

Newsweek reached out to u/Smoothsay for comment. We’re able to not verify the facts of the case.

Are you experiencing an identical work dilemma? Tell us via We are able to ask experts for advice, as well as your story could possibly be featured on Newsweek.

worker taking coffee break
A stock image shows an employee going for a coffee break. An employee shared their workplace new facility restrictions which limits toilet breaks to 10 minutes maximum and the web is furious.Getty Images

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