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Bottas feels greater “human effect” on F1 car performance at Alfa Romeo

Bottas joined Alfa Romeo for the 2022 season after spending five years with Mercedes, scoring 10 wins for the Silver Arrows and helping it win the constructors’ championship in every five seasons.

However the Finn was never in a position to compete regularly with teammate Lewis Hamilton, who won the drivers’ title in every but among their seasons together.

Bottas has had up more of a senior team leader role with Alfa Romeo, partnering rookie Zhou Guanyu, and contains scored 41 of its 46 points up to now this year.

Talking with within an interview prior to the summer break, Bottas explained he feels a larger degree of responsibility with Alfa Romeo than he did at Mercedes, making him think more concerning the team’s long-term plans.

“I feel it, that I wish to really help push the team in the proper direction,” Bottas.

“It creates me also think always twice, ‘OK, is this actually the direction you want to head to or not?’ It is interesting.

“Even for like, next year’s car, always when I hear updates and everything, for me personally, it is interesting to be so involved technically aswell. I could already begin to imagine like the way the car handles.”

Asked if he felt a big change in mindset when tackling car development in comparison to when he was with Mercedes, Bottas said: “Yes. I never were able to be that associated with Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo C42

Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo C42

Photo by: Alfa Romeo

“It had been similar to the computer says that sort of car will be the fastest. Usually it worked. However now it is also nice to really have the human effect.”

Bottas told in exactly the same interview he felt 2022 had probably been his most enjoyable season up to now in F1, along with the reduced degree of pressure in comparison to what he confronted with Mercedes.

Alfa Romeo F1 boss Frederic Vasseur said he could “perfectly imagine” that has been the case for Bottas, although he warned contrary to the Finn becoming too relaxed as he looked to lead the team forward.

“For certain, you have significantly more pressure you at Mercedes, and he was always in the shadow of Lewis, always on a short-term contract,” Vasseur told

“I don’t desire to put him in a relaxed situation, because this isn’t good also for the performance. But somehow to send him the message he gets the full support of the team.

“I believe when you have a glance at all of the good sporting projects within the last 20 years, it had been always developed round the drivers.”

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