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Brands already are changing their strategies: Experts weigh in on TikTok influencer marketing spend

In recent weeks, there’s been plenty of discuss the TikTok-ification of Instagram, with the platforms algorithm prioritizing short-form video content over photos regardless of the protests of users and influencers alike. However, Instagram execs have said the app will continue steadily to prioritize video and offer more creative tools for Reels since it looks to contend with TikTok.

Which means that creators who once centered on photo content for Instagram have had to shift their strategies, and can likely need to continue to achieve this. With ad budgets shifting to TikTok and predictions that influencer spending will move this way too (by 2024, Insider Intelligence analysts expect that TikTok will surpass Instagram when it comes to influencer marketing spending), the influencer marketing landscape will continue steadily to change.

Insiders prediction for 2024 is practical: The amount of users on TikTok has grown exponentially within the last couple of years, with the Gen-Z demographic specifically seeing a good start since 2020. By this past year, the social networking had over a billion active monthly users. Instagram still has more influencer ad dollars as the platform tries to mimic TikTok with Reels, but theres recently been a direct effect on influencer marketing as brands turn to creators on TikTok where in fact the landscape isnt as mature or competitive.

Brands already are changing their strategies and shifting budgets to TikTok, Nicole Fuhrman, strategy director at full-service creative agency Swift, said, adding that some brands have began to shift budget from Instagram to TikTok to attain Gen-Z audiences. Micro influencers are playing an evergrowing role in brand marketing, and brands are taking notice.

Influencer marketing on Instagram has evolved considerably since its inception, and that maturation may find yourself working contrary to the apps creators. The rapid, recent growth of TikTok means there’s still so much untapped prospect of brand-creator partnerships on the platform, instead of other major platforms where in fact the creator landscape is competent and for that reason competitive, said Ross McCormack, vp of influencer marketing at Havas Media Group, THE UNITED STATES.

Simultaneously, the polish of Instagram has been swapped for the realism of TikTok, which might be a hard pivot for a few creators. Once we see Gen-Z begin to reimagine social from highly curated content to an unfiltered and unapologetic tone, brands have an enormous possibility to meet them where they’re, said Fuhrman.

Instagram has undergone several significant changes before year, especially regarding its newfound shift from photo sharing to video content. The effect has been backlash from users and influencers alike, who would like Instagram to remain the way it’s been.

Theres grounds Instagram may be the leading platform for influencers: users enjoy it, said Meg Seiler, evp and director of PR and social influencer engagement at Team One. Ultimately, the higher path could be increased connectivity between platforms vs. ubiquitous imitation.

However, despite the selling point of TikTok as a more recent platform, short-form, influencer content could be more popular, and agencies who is able to scale their influencer content could have an advantage. Additionally it is essential for agencies to be flexible as trends shift, for instance if consumers begin to skip or ignore these varieties of advertising.

For brands, this means ultimately assuming a heavier creative production burden for creative and much more balkanized content predicated on platform demands, said Bo Jacks, director of user acquisition for digital marketing agency Brainlabs.

Influencer posts on TikTok, however, visit a higher engagement from the selection of followers than brand posts, in accordance with Upfluence. Each one of these learnings indicate that its to a brands advantage to entrust the TikTok influencer with the creative direction for this content should they want the highest-possible ROI, added Peter Kennedy, founder of Tagger, a software-as-a-service platform for agencies and brands that use influencer marketing.

TikToks continued growth will force advertisers to improve their influencer marketing strategies, and addititionally there is the expectation that you will see more apps that emerge to contend with both Instagram and TikTok later on. The rise of TikTok has recently changed how brands approach creator-brand relationships. Agency execs say probably the most successful collaborations try to balance the brands core message with the creators authenticity.

Not surprisingly, TikToks originality means brands are handing over more creative control than previously to make sure these partnerships are successful. Reaching the right balance between your brands core message and the authenticity of the creator is definitely the target for probably the most successful collaborations, said McCormack.

Seiler said she believes that Instagram will stay the very best platform for influencer marketing TikTok will continue steadily to grow. However, Instagram will stay the best influencer platform for the near futureas long because they navigate through current backlash from content creators and users regarding platform algorithm changes, she said.

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